Dependable Homebuyers Offers First Time Home Buyer Tips In Blog Post

Dependable Homebuyers, based in Columbia, Maryland, has announced that they have recently published a blog post that offers tips to first time buyers. The article is titled, “Home Buying For The First Time? Take It Easy First And Check Out These Expert Tips.”

“Believe it or not, still, there are a lot of first-time home buyers who actually are clueless as to what they need to do,” says a spokesperson for Dependable Homebuyers.

First Time Home Buyer

The spokesperson continues, “As part of our efforts to provide helpful content to people regarding home buying, we have therefore published an article that provides some tips from experts to allow first time home buyers to maximize and make their home buying experience really worth it.”

The first tip provided by the article is to have a specific budget and then ensure that it is not surpassed. Even before potential home buyers start looking for a house to buy, it is important to determine what is the most they can afford and what is their ideal price range. They can use an online calculator to determine the maximum monthly payment for a certain number of years that they can afford based on the price of the home after providing a down payment. It is also important to ensure that the monthly budget they consider consists of the monthly payments and the maintenance costs for the home. Even if the potential home buyers find a home that they really like but if the price and the monthly payments are beyond the established budget, they should forget about that home and move on to the next.

Before starting to shop for homes, it is also important for home buyers to consider their values and their lifestyle. It is advisable for them to list those features that they think are really necessary and those features that should not be there. These are known as the non-negotiables, which include factors like location, square footage, and certain amenities. With those in mind, potential home buyers can shop around by going to open houses in the area and getting acquainted with the local market.

The article explains that the standard home buying process usually has five steps. The first step is to hire a real estate agent. While it is possible not to hire a buyer’s agent, hiring one can save a lot of time. That is because an agent can provide listings directly from MLS that already fit the requirements of the buyer. Also, agents are often knowledgeable regarding new listings that are not yet on the market. These agents can also easily determine if certain listings are overpriced and provide the appropriate advice to the buyer. And some agents will even preview homes for the buyer.

The next step is to find a home to buy. This is a tedious process and it is advisable for potential home buyers to schedule a maximum of seven homes at a time because more than that would make it very tiring and confusing. It is advisable to perform a lot of research online before visiting homes for sale. The National Association of Realtors has observed that buyers usually spend an average of 6 to 8 weeks in trying to find a where they would want to live. Once a particular neighborhood has been chosen, most buyers purchase a home after two or three home tours.

After finding a particular home to buy, the next step would be to find the necessary financial assistance for the home purchase. The fourth step would be to negotiate with the seller. This is followed by conducting a home inspection. In some states, a home inspection is performed before the buyer makes an offer. In other states, a home inspection is a contract contingency, which means that the buyer can cancel the contract if there are certain defects of the home. One example of a defect is a faulty foundation. After the home inspection, the paperwork for the purchase of the home is then accomplished.

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