Dependable Homebuyers Now Buying Houses in Washington DC's Friendship Heights

Washington DC - Dependable Homebuyers is proud to announce that they are expanding their "we buy houses" service into Washington DC's Friendship Heights neighborhood. Dependable Homebuyers identified this neighborhood because they noticed that property values and rents are on the rise.

If someone wants to sell their Friendship Heights property in the Washington DC area, they can contact Dependable Homebuyers and within 24 hours an offer will be made. The home buying process by this company is quick and easy. They are interested in buying houses in Washington DC without the seller having to worry about repairs, renovations or carrying costs.

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Dependable Homebuyers is a professional company that specializes in purchasing homes quickly and for cash. They are ready to buy any house today. The process is simple: they will work with homeowners to come up with the best way to sell the home in Friendship Heights.

Friendship Heights, a picturesque area of Washington DC and Maryland, is home to many diverse restaurants. It seems like there are always new places popping up with great hours too so nobody has to pick just one favorite restaurant. The streets are lined with trees which towers over all the businesses that line them creating an atmosphere as welcoming as any other part of this city people love so much.

Friendship Heights is comprised mostly by small shops on Wisconsin Avenue north of Fessenden Street NW called Tenleytown, but extends into areas such as Somerset Terrace and Willard Avenue- where Friendship Village resides within Maryland westside neighborhoods from River Road east towards Reno Road. More info can be found at

The District of Columbia is divided into four wards, ANCs 3E03 and 3E04 are in Ward three. This area can often be considered part of Chevy Chase, D.C., but has its own commercial aspects including a movie theater near the intersection Wisconsin Ave and Western Avenues with many department stores nearby as well as plenty more boutiques to choose from for residents or visitors alike.

Dependable Homebuyers is currently expanding its business into Friendship Heights in Washington, D.C. The Friendship Heights station on the Red Line of Washington Metro is a major connecting depot for area bus services, and it's also the only metro stop in Maryland. Streetcar service has been abandoned since 1960 but residents can still enjoy carpooling as an alternative form of transportation to get around town.

Dependable Homebuyers is a Washington D.C.-based home buying company that helps homeowners get out from under them as soon as possible so they can start fresh with their lives without worrying about making costly repairs or renovations. The We buy homes service buys all over the country for cash - no matter what condition it is in, they're ready to buy.

"Selling a home can be a difficult. Our company buys homes quickly, so the homeowner doesn't have to worry about making expensive repairs or renovations before selling," a representative for Dependable Homebuyers says. "The team at Dependable Homebuyers specializes in buying properties quickly so that sellers can get out from under them without the trouble and expense of repairs. We speak with homeowners looking for a quick, cash-only sale on homes or property within 24 hours."

When buying houses in Friendship Heights, DC, a company like Dependable Homebuyers will buy and close transaction without the need for the homeowner to coordinate with multiple parties. Dependable Homebuyers specializes in a simple-sell procedure which provides owners of homes with worry-free relief. Those interested can visit their website.


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