Dependable Homebuyers buys property in Washington DC's Takoma Neighborhood

Washington DC - Dependable Homebuyers is proud to announce that they have purchased a property in Washington DC's Takoma neighborhood. The owner of a home in the Washington DC neighborhood of Takoma, Washington DC contacted Dependable Homebuyers with one request - they wanted to sell their house fast. This homeowner didn’t want to make any repairs or renovations and took our cash offer instead, preferring not to have more expenses. Readers can click here to visit their online press room.

"We buy homes quickly so that sellers get the cash they need, without having to worry about making costly repairs or renovations," says Justin Tomley of Dependable Homebuyers."

Takoma, Washington D.C., is a neighborhood in the nation's capital with many features to offer its residents and visitors alike. One of Takoma Park’s most compelling aspects is that it borders so closely to our Nation’s Capital. Homeowners who live here are able enjoy all the benefits this area has without having to actually commute into Washington DC every day for work or leisure time activities like visiting museums on National Mall.

Takoma borders Takoma Park, Maryland in the northeast. The two cities share more than just their location—Takoma shares a common identity with its neighboring city that is evident through similarities between them like public transportation and an active downtown area.

The neighborhood of Takoma is a cultural and historical melting pot. Bound to the west by Georgia Avenue, south somewhere between Tuckerman Street and Van Buren Streets, and northeast at Eastern Avenue where it borders Rock Creek Park makes this vibrant city an attractive place for people who enjoy diversity in their lives.

Dependable Homebuyers was able to offer a price for the DC property in 24 hours without any need for rehabilitation or remodeling, and the homeowner accepted. Playing a critical role in relieving home sellers of the burden of fixing up their house, we buy homes as quickly as possible. Dependable Homebuyers buys property in Washington DC's Takoma Neighborhood. The owner of a home in the Washington DC neighborhood of Woodley Park contacted Dependable Homebuyers because he had heard about their reputation for buying homes quickly and without any repairs necessary.

"Selling a house can be a challenge, and we are here to help by buying and selling homes without adding any unwanted stress such as expensive repairs or renovations," says a representative for Dependable Homebuyers. "To sell fast and get out from under the property, we buy homes as is. Dependable Homebuyers provides a hassle-free service that gets the owner out of the home with an offer in their hand as soon as possible without having to worry about making costly repairs or renovations."

Dependable Homebuyers buys homes quickly for buyers who want out of a property without the headache of fixing it up. Those interested can find more info online. The owner from Takoma wanted to sell their house quick and contacted Dependable Homebuyers with that request.

The process for selling houses with the We Buy Houses company is much simpler than if the owner was to go with an agent or open market. The traditional way of selling a home takes many months, and why wait when anybody can have the home sold in a few weeks.

Many homeowners who list with a real estate agent are unable to find an offer for their home in six months. Buyers often insist on reduction of ask prices. They also insist on repairs and renovations. One of the primary goals of any buyer is to find a home for sale with minimal imperfections that will require little-to-no renovation. Dependable Homebuyers is all about acquiring properties regardless of condition, and that’s the reason why this company has acquired thousands of houses nationwide.

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