Dependable Homebuyers buys property in Baltimore's Overlea Neighborhood

The owner of a home in the Baltimore neighborhood of Overlea, Maryland contacted Dependable Homebuyers with one request - they wanted to sell their house fast. They needed to close quickly to a cash home buyer. Dependable Homebuyers specializes in buying properties quickly and for cash, which enables sellers to get away from the property as soon as possible without having to worry about expensive repairs or renovations. They have released a document about their services at

"Why put up with all the trouble of a traditional sale when you can sell your house quickly for cash?" a representative for Dependable Homebuyers stated. "If you are trying to sell a home in Baltimore that was acquired from an estate or are in the middle of a recent divorce and are looking for the easiest way to get out of it as quickly as possible without making costly repairs, then Dependable Homebuyers is your solution."

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For over half a century, the land that comprises Baltimore’s Overlea neighborhood we steadily accreted by wealthy landowners until it reached its current size of 43 acres. The portion of this tract once referred to as “Sophie's Garden Regulated” has variously been occupied by a farm owned by Margaret Fuller. The tract of land for this original house began in 1885 with the establishment of a post office and general store. In 1886, Fullerton School was established as a one roomed log house that later became a frame construction.

"We are the first company to offer this type of service in Baltimore, but we have been doing it successfully for years on a national scale," Evan says. "We buy homes all over the country, and can help people trade living in their house for quick cash. We purchase properties fast before they're on the market so that homeowners don't have to spend money on renovations or repairs."

Dependable Homebuyers buys properties in Overlea Maryland. The owner of a home in Overlea contacted us because Dependable Homeowners had previously purchased one of their neighbors' homes. Dependable Homebuyers has a Steller reputation that precedes them.

Simplifying the home-buying process is one of Dependable Homebuyers' missions. They believe that all they need are buyers who want an easy time while purchasing their house which means not going through many steps such as meeting with agents since they do everything themselves from start end finish. They receleased a recent press release that covers this topic at

Overlea is a small community tucked into the corner of Northeast Baltimore, situated on rolling hills with overlook views. This neighborhood contains an abundance of tree-lined streets and offers sweeping views. There are over 100 homes in this area alone, perfect for family living. If you're interested in owning your own home but don't have enough money to enter The neighborhood abounds with historic properties including single-family homes and duplexes, as well as Victorian houses. Residents enjoy their proximity to Harford Road which provides easy access to downtown Baltimore for commuters while the tree-lined streets offer peace and tranquility for those looking to settle down.

Dependable Homebuyers wants to make two problems in the real estate market obsolete. First, they provide cash to sellers who can't get approved for a mortgage on a new home; and secondly, homeowners are able to sell their home without going through an agent or commission fees. To learn more about how Dependable Homebuyers work with your future. Those interested can also find the most up-to-date real estate data for Overlea Maryland by clicking on this link.


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