Dependable Homebuyers Buying Houses around Washington DC's Logan Circle

Washington DC - Dependable Homebuyers is proud to announce that they are expanding their "we buy houses" service into Washington DC's Logan Park neighborhood. Dependable Homebuyers identified this neighborhood because they noticed that property values and rents are on the rise. More info can be found at

If someone wants to sell their Logan Circle property in the Washington DC area, they can contact Dependable Homebuyers and within 24 hours an offer will be made. The home buying process by this company is quick and easy. They are interested in buying houses in Washington DC without the seller having to worry about repairs, renovations or carrying costs.

Dependable Homebuyers is a professional company that specializes in purchasing homes quickly and for cash. They are ready to buy any house today. The process is simple: they will work with homeowners to come up with the best way to sell the home in Logan Circle.

Logan Circle is a quaint, small neighborhood with two historic districts. The area has been designated as both the Logan Addition Historic District and Georgetown Square Residential Historic District in addition to being on the National Register of Historical Places. At its center stands an equestrian statue memorializing Major General John A. Logan but it's not just some random park; this circle remains entirely residential among luxury condominiums, townhouses, apartments for rent or sale.

Logan Circle takes its name from a traffic roundabout on its southern end, where turn-of-the-century townhouses face a circular park with a statue of Civil War general John Logan (that’s him high up on the horse). Originally known as Iowa Circle, the park was renamed by Congress in 1930 after John A. Logan, who lived at 4 Logan Circle. In the center of a circle stand an equestrian statue of Major General John A. Logan sculpted by Franklin Simmons, and a bronze statue base designed by architect Richard Morris Hunt. In 1901, a 25 foot (7.6m) monument was erected as a dedication to President William McKinley, Senator Chauncey Depew, and General Grenville M. Dodge.

Dependable Homebuyers helps homeowners quickly sell their property for cash so they can move on to the next phase in life without worrying about repairs or renovations. The company buys homes across the country, never mind what condition it's in, and pays in cash. Their website explains how how buy houses.

"Dependable Homebuyers was started to help homeowners from coast to coast who are either looking for a quick way out or have found themselves in financial distress. We buy houses, condos and duplexes in any condition anywhere - no matter what!" states their website.

Dependable Homebuyers is the perfect solution when a homeowner needs to sell a house fast. Dependable Homebuyers buys homes that nobody else wants. Their slogan is "We Buy Houses Fast" and their team takes pride in being DC's top real estate investment company.

Dependable Homebuyers is a company that buys houses in Logan Circle that it sees as needing to be sold quickly. This means there are no worries about finding investors, bringing the house up to standard or coordinating with multiple parties.

A home-owner located in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington DC contacted Dependable Homebuyers with one request - they wanted to sell their property as soon possible. They didn't want to make any repairs and get more money than they originally planned. In 14 days, Dependable Homebuyers found an investor who was willing to buy the house in cash with no issues or concerns. See their website for more information.


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