Denver Roofing Company Continues Its Fight for the SKYYGUARD Name

SKYYGUARD Roofing, a veterans-owned company offering roofing services in Denver, CO, has revealed that they intend to continue their legal battle against Campari America, the owners of SKYY Vodka, for the right to use the name “SKYYGUARD.” The company has indicated that they are taking more of a “David and Goliath” approach to their legal battles against Campari America. Several fellow veterans have taken to social media to indicate their support for SKYYGUARD and its owners, some even donating to a GoFundMe account established for SKYYGUARD’s legal fees.


A spokesperson for SKYYGUARD says, “Even though Campari’s legal team expressly threatened to bankrupt SKYYGUARD should they keep fighting, SKYYGUARD’s owners have stated that they will continue the fight in order to hopefully help put an end to Campari’s chronic abuses of the TTAB processes against small businesses.”

Campari America, a distilled spirits company that owns SKYY Vodka, has challenged a trademark application made by SKYYGUARD. Sean Smith and Chase Baron, founders of SKYYGUARD, wanted a name that included two capital Ys because putting them together makes them look like a house. They have established the roofing company in January 2018 and then they filed for a trademark on the name in August 2018, hoping to expand their services to Texas and Florida, but they unexpectedly encountered a legal obstacle when Campari America claimed to own any trademark with “sky,” “skyy” or “yy” in the name.

SKYYGUARD believes that Campari America is abusing its power over the TTAB processes to the detriment of small businesses. Since 2012, the distilled spirits company has challenged 133 applications before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Unfortunately, unlike with federal court cases, the TTAB is unable to award attorneys’ fees, which means that each party will need to shoulder its own legal costs, which can quickly rise to tens of thousands of dollars. And if the case goes to trial and expert witnesses are required, the legal expenses can reach as much as $100,000.

The founders of SKYYGUARD believe that there is no problem with their name but the larger corporation is simply trying to outspend the smaller company until the latter runs out of funds and gives up. On the other hand, Campari America claims that there is too much similarity between the SKYYGUARD mark and their SKYY mark such that the distinctiveness of the popular SKYY brand will be impaired.

SKYYGUARD is a Class A general contractor that specializes in roofing serves in the Denver area. There are a number of factors that distinguishes them from other roofing companies in the area. First, their technicians are knowledgeable on how the roofing project will affect the big picture of the home or business property. They know how the roofing has to fit together will all of the other projects and repairs for the home or building, from the siding or stucco to windows and gutters.

Second, they have the skills to bid on the largest commercial projects that people can think of, from skyscrapers to stadiums. Nevertheless, they will never consider any project to be too small for them. No matter what kind of project they are entrusted with, they will provide top quality service and their best attention to detail.

And third, they have the experience and capability to handle any unique situation that a particular roofing project has. While most roofing companies will want to sell those materials and plans with which they have the necessary experience and knowledge for, the SKYYGUARD technicians are ready to provide their services for whatever kind of roofing or situation that they encounter. Their technicians are also seasoned experts on how to coordinate with their clients’ insurers to cover their roofing needs. While most roofing companies will try to do anything in their power to convince the client to get a full replacement, SKYYGUARD technicians will ensure that clients will get what they really need.

Those who are interested in learning more about the SKYYGUARD vs Campari fight over the brand name or the roofing services offered can check out the SKYYGUARD website or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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