Denton USPS Shipping Store Shares 2021 U.S. Postal Service Pricing Changes

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Denton, TX – As of this month, the U.S. Postal Service has officially given notice for proposed price changes in 2021. These shipping rate changes are scheduled to take effect on Jan. 24, 2021 and are based on the consumer price index and market conditions. Overall, prices will be increasing, with all first-class mail rates rising by approximately 1.8 percent and other categories by 1.5 percent. Pack ‘N’ Mail, a South Denton USPS shipping store, is sharing information on these rate increases to keep their community informed.

A recent news article from the U.S. Postal Service included five mailing services that will be affected by the proposed pricing changes. All letters and flats weighing up to one ounce will see no increase, with prices staying at 55 cents for letters and one dollar for flats. However, the cost for additional ounces for letters will increase from 15 cents to 20 cents, and metered letters of one ounce will increase to 51 cents. All domestic postcards will also see a small increase, going from 35 cents to 36 cents.

Unlike other shipping providers, the U.S. Postal Service does not add surcharges for residential delivery, Saturday delivery or fuel expenses. This allows them to boast some of the lowest postage rates for letter-mail and overall competitive shipping prices, despite the almost yearly rate increases. The 2021 proposed prices have been approved by the Postal Services Board of Governors to provide the agency with much-needed revenue while maintaining their competitive pricing structure.

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