Dentist in San Diego Offers Tips on How to Avoid Halloween Candy

Solana Beach Dentistry, a dental practice also known as Solana Family Dental that services the San Diego area, has recently published a blog post that offers tips on how to avoid Halloween candy. These tips can be used by parents to keep their kids away from unhealthy food choices this Halloween but instead given them healthy alternatives for the sugary treats. This is to avoid certain health conditions that arise from too much sugar intake, including tooth cavities. But for those children who have cavities, parents can rely on the dental services provided by Solana Family Dental.

One important tip is to keep the unhealthy candies out of sight. This Halloween, parents can tell their children that instead of going out doing trick or treat, they can do something else. Parents, especially those who have always taken out their kids to trick or treating, need to provide a replacement activity so the children will not feel that they’re missing out on the Halloween fun. Organizing a different kind of trick or treating, where healthy snacks are used instead of candies, could be the replacement activity. Parents can give out fresh fruits and vegetables or fruit snacks, instead of the usual candies, and suggest that the children eat them right away.

Meanwhile, when looking for a dentist San Diego residents can rely on, they can simply go to Solana Family Dental because Dr. Michelle Sandler has been included in the list of the Top Dentists in San Diego for 2020. The dentists at the practice are committed to providing dental services that are tailor-fitted to the unique needs of each patient. They use cutting edge technology and practices that comply with high dental standards to ensure that patients leave the office with confidence that they are safe from any possible complications.

Elan Weinstein, a spokesperson for Solana Family Dental, says, “Whether you need a comprehensive or simple exam and cleaning, a full-mouth restoration, or anything in between, we are your dentist that promises you exceptional care and treatment that will enhance the radiance of your smile. Solana Beach Family Dental believes that healthy teeth have a huge bearing on our confidence and social lives. That’s why we emphasize on professionalism, comfort, and compassion in all our services.”

She adds, “The procedures that we offer, whether simple or complex, are provided by tested professionals who are equally passionate about their dental practices. You can therefore rest assured that our experts will perform the necessary procedures in a manner that makes you want to talk about us in a positive light.”

They offer a comprehensive range of services in cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and more. Some of the procedures that they can offer are: crowns, veneers, dental implants, bleaching/ whitening, inlays/ overlays, dental exam and cleaning, home care, dental x-rays, Invisalign and Clear Correct, tissue regeneration, scaling and root planning, pocket elimination surgery, composite fillings, dentures and partial dentures, and fixed bridges.

Meanwhile, Solana Family Dental does not only dental services in San Diego but also in other areas like Del Mar, Encinitas, La Jolla, Carlsbad, and La Costa.

They can provide all types of cosmetic dentistry services, from the simple to the complex. They use a wireless digital scanner with high scan speed and Patient Specific Motion feature to provide perfect dental restorations. They can also provide porcelain veneers that can be used for oddly shaped, chipped, discolored, and unevenly spaced teeth. These dental veneers are so durable that they can last for several years without having to be replaced. And if the damage to the teeth is not bad enough to require crowns or implants but are too extensive for fillings, the appropriate option would be inlays and overlays.

People who are looking for quality dental services in San Diego may want to visit their website at, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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