Dental Implants Promotes Long Term Oral Health, Says Off Island Dental

Bluffton, SC - Off Island Dental, a well-known family and cosmetic dentistry clinic based in Bluffton, South Carolina, says that dental implant is one key to promoting long term oral health.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots used to restore a missing tooth or teeth, helping to stop or prevent jaw bone loss. The implantation procedure is a form of prosthetic (artificial replacement) dentistry. Implants are also used for cosmetic purposes. Off Island Dental explained that dental implants provide strength, stability, and approved appearance by replacing missing tooth roots.

Off Island Dental has been providing Dental Implants in Bluffton SC for years already. The dental company says this procedure is considered the most effective option to replace permanent teeth. They say, “You not only get your beautiful smile back; you also improve your dental health.”

In dental implant procedures, the jawbone receives a “pilot hole” in the space of the missing tooth. It is where the new teeth or an implant will be placed, the professional dental care adds.

The Best Dental Clinic in Bluffton, SC says that dental implants provide an array of benefits. Firstly, it provides natural-looking teeth. Apart from aesthetics, it also assures a healthy jawbone. Without necessary stimulation, the alveolar bone that anchors to the teeth might break down over time. This dilemma can be solved permanently with dental implants, the professionals of Off Island Dental states. Permanent dental implants also prevent teeth from shifting or moving brought by a teeth gap.

Off Island Dental assures that they are fully equipped to handle dental implant procedures. The company has a team of professional dentists who are experts in dental implants. The team is led by its owner, award-winning dental professional Dr. Michael David Langehans. He has a reputation for helping his patients achieve “the perfect smile” by restoring missing and damaged teeth using the latest dental implant technology.

The most sought after dental care professional says, “We will take care of you in a timely manner and with the courtesy of a well-trained, experienced and service-oriented staff.”

Apart from dental implants, Off Island Dental offers Cosmetic Dentistry, Same Day Dental Crown, Root Canal Therapy, Oral Surgery, Dental Bridges, General Dentistry, and Oral Hygiene. The company has been Bluffton’s trusted family and cosmetic dentist.

Off Island Dental also offers a unique in-house Dental Discount Plan perfect for a family. The special offer is for patients who chose not to purchase traditional dental insurance. Those who avail of the plan can avail of discounted dental fees on general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry procedures. They can also enjoy no annual maximum, no deductible, no pre-authorization, no waiting period.

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