Demand For Commercial Wildlife Control in Baltimore County On The Rise

Pikesville, Maryland based On The Fly Pest Solutions is reaching out to reassure the community that they will continue to offer their pest control services amid the increase in demand indirectly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The preemptive measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the United States has had unexpected consequences in the pest control industry. With people spending more time at home, citizens all across the country have begun to notice the presence of unwanted guests in their houses. While these creatures were more likely to have been present before the beginning of the lockdown, these unfavorable circumstances have pushed homeowners to take action to address these issues by seeking professional help.

commercial wildlife control Baltimore County

This increase in demand for pest control services has been more than enough to overwhelm pest control specialists all across the Baltimore Maryland area, who now receive dozens of daily calls from homeowners concerned with the state of their home. However, pest infestations are not the only concern, as spending more time at home has exposed many people to nuisance wildlife that lurks in and around their homes.

Shlomo Simenowitz, Wildlife Division Manager for On The Fly Pest Solutions, says, "Sometimes, it feels like the only ones obeying the stay at home orders are the wildlife! With an abundance of homeowners working remotely, they are learning of wildlife activity that has been rampant during the hours they are usually at work."

Simenowitz states that the reduced presence of people and traffic on the streets has inspired local wildlife to be more daring in their everyday activities. They have been sighted approaching residential zones that would naturally be packed with people but are now overrun by animals of varying kinds. Wildlife control experts expect this trend to both intensify and continue for the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown, as they expect wildlife numbers to increase significantly during the next few seasons due to the reduced number of roadkill caused by traffic.

Wildlife in residential zones and house pests are not the only unforeseen effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vacant commercial and industrial businesses are also being taken over by wildlife and pests due to the lack of occupancy and foot traffic. The infestation of rodents and other pests, aside from placing the inventory of certain businesses all across Baltimore County, MD at risk, affects their integrity as well as their ability to resume operations once the lockdown is over. Baltimore County in Maryland is among the areas most affected by commercial pest control issues, leading to a spike in calls for rodent control, animal removal and pest control in both homes as well as industrial and commercial properties.

While this has put local pest control specialists in a tough situation, it has also prompted them to take matters into their own hands to address these problems. Companies like On The Fly Pest Solutions have increased their working hours and extended their efforts in the hope of offering reliable and high-quality pest control services to the Baltimore community.

On The Fly Pest Solutions offers a variety of services, including routinary pest control services for residential and commercial environments. They can respond to a variety of creatures, including ants, mice, wasps, moths, cockroaches and many more. The company relies on a highly experienced team of certified pest control specialists who are committed to providing clients with the highest quality of service as well as the most up-to-date treatment methods and techniques. The pesticides used by On The Fly Pest Solutions are safe and sustainable, and they do not hurt the environment. The integrity of all members of the family, along with any pets, is guaranteed through their services.

Aside from pest control, On The Fly also offers wildlife removal services, solving human-wildlife conflicts safely and sustainably for all involved. The company states that they utilize humane trapping methods for many species of wildlife, defusing the situation in a non-harmful way. Their wildlife removal services include dealing with bats, raccoons, skunks and so on. On The Fly's pest control and wildlife removal services are available in Arbutus, Baltimore, Brooklandville, Butler and Catonsville, among many others.

Speaking to an official from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the game warden warned "Be extremely careful when choosing a wildlife control company. In Baltimore County there is only a handful of operating wildlife removal companies that actually have all of the proper permits and licensing to legally provide wildlife control services." The Maryland Department of Natural Resources official also said to be wary of the many fake company listings that show up in Google map listings that are just merely selling the calls to the highest bidder. He followed up with "do your due diligence and look up the company name to be sure the company is an actual operating business by checking our database of wildlife control operators or by searching the business entity search." Maryland Wildlife Control Operator Search

The company's website offers more details about On The Fly Pest Solutions and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Shlomo Simenowitz to follow up on any inquiries and schedule an appointment. Additionally, the company can be reached through their social media platforms.


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