Decatur, GA Mold Testing and Inspection Company Receives 5 Star Review

SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection Inc. is one of Atlanta's top-rated mold inspectors. Locally owned and operated by Jeremy Shelton and his team of air quality experts, SafeAir has been Atlanta's leader in mold and allergen testing for more than a decade. With an experienced staff and the best customer service in the industry, it's no wonder why Atlanta trusts SafeAir.

In their most recent review, SafeAir received on their Google My Business Profile; customer Mraz Willingham had this to say, "SafeAir was great to work with from start to finish. I ran into a mold problem when I was renovating my basement. I spoke with several mold testing companies and chose SafeAir because they were the most helpful and informative. After discussing my mold problem with them, they gave me recommendations that were suited to my particular mold problem. The turnaround of the report was fast and easy to understand with clear steps to follow to remedy the mold issue. They were fannnnnnnnntastic to work with..."

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SafeAir is one of the only companies in the area that doesn't subcontract their inspections out to third parties, meaning the expert that performs your inspection meets Shelton's standards. With more than 125 exemplary online reviews and a perfect 5-star rating, reviews like Mr. Willingham's are an everyday thing for the company. In another review, J. Ream describes their experience as, "SafeAir was wonderful to work with and very helpful and honest. They didn't try to sell me on services I didn't need or want. I spoke with Jeremy several times before scheduling an appointment. He initially had me hold off on scheduling an inspection, instead, he made recommendations for resolving my mold problem without incurring the expense of their testing. When I did schedule my appointment, I requested several air samples. When Jeremy came out he was very professional, collected the samples, and made many practical suggestions to improve my air quality. If you find yourself in need of mold testing and inspection services by SafeAir, rest assured you're working with great people. Look no further."

With houses leaving the market faster than ever and inspections being waived. New homeowners are encouraged to understand what's in the air they're breathing. Phone consultations are free, and the information provided by one of our experts could be life-saving.

To learn more about SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection, Inc., interested parties may contact Jeremy Shelton. They may also visit the company's website for further information. The latest news regarding the company can be found on their website.


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