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Surrey, BC - Surrey-based Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services is the leading debt management partner for thousands of Canadians.

Tens of thousands of Canadians are facing financial hurdles they never might have imagined thanks to the traumatic economic upheaval attached to COVID-19 and the restrictions put in place after the pandemic went into full swing. With businesses shuttered, social interaction severely limited, and many Canadians wondering about the future, Surrey BC credit counselling and debt management firm BSCC would like to encourage Canadians to find ways to consolidate and eliminate bad credit and debt.

Credit counselling firm Surrey BC

This popular credit counselling company in Canada helps thousands of clients every year in managing credit and debt, debt settlement, bankruptcy avoidance, credit restoration, and get back on the road to financial freedom. The company is well known for its realistic, personalized programs designed to help clients manage excessive debt no matter the amount of the client’s background.

“We want clients to understand that they are not in this alone,” BSCC Surrey debt counsellor Avineet Kalsey says. “There is always a way out, and there is always someone willing to extend a helping hand, especially at BSCC.”

Kalsey says that between the combined expertise of his team, coupled with the numerous branch offices BSCC now operates, the firm has made a large impact among Canadians looking to prepare for the future and finding ways to get back on track with their finances.

“We strongly advise potential clients to contact us before they decide to borrow more money to help get them through this next chapter of uncertainty as the country continues to deal with the harsh reality brought about by COVID-19,” Kalsey says. “The collective debt of Canadians is one of the highest sums among developed nations across the planet, and it is only going to get worse if we don’t come together as a nation and work towards financial solvency at the individual level. Each of us has a responsibility to our families and future generations to make sure we are laying the groundwork for their own success and happiness. The very first step in that process is giving us a call and learning more about how we can help.”

About Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services

With other offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg, BSCC helps thousands of clients every year reduce their debt and start gaining a level of financial independence they never thought possible. Those interested in learning more about the company, its wide range of services and strategies, and how they can help, should visit the firm’s website at and give them a call as soon as possible.


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