Daycares and Preschools Can Differentiate Themselves from the Competition with Child Care Branding

Child Care SEO, a child care marketing firm based in Austin, TX, wants to emphasize to daycares and preschools that they can make their school stand out among the crowd through the right child care branding strategy. In their blog post about branding for the child care industry, several steps are presented on making a daycare or preschool distinct from other schools by finding their core branding to create a strong brand that will last and adapt to changes.

Colin MacLeod, owner of Child Care SEO, explains, “When you set to define your brand specifically, you are differentiating yourself from the other schools in a good way. It makes your daycare or preschool easy to remember because of that differentiating characteristic. Normally, businesses do this through their name and logo. For instance, it can be a particular color or a combination of colors and the unique appearance of the logo. This can also be done by schools to ensure that the message they are conveying to parents is consistent in every aspect of the school.”

Magdalena & Colin MacLeod

Since the primary purpose of branding is to differentiate one’s daycare or preschool from the others, it is a good idea to first define what the school wants to accomplish or what it should represent. And because the purpose of branding is to make the school brand stand out, part of this initial step requires taking a look at what the competitors are doing, especially when it comes to branding and taking note of the impact of their branding efforts. This primary step will also require taking a look at the parents who are the daycare or preschool’s target audience. The question is whether the chosen concept of what the school is about will be accepted favorably by parents or not. Some hints may be obtained on how parents are responding to the branding efforts of competitors.

The next step, according to the child care marketing agency, is to decide on the appropriate name for the school and the corresponding tagline. Having determined what the school should represent in the first step, the school name to be used will have to be consistent with it. A tagline, which is usually a phrase, will also need to be added to make it easier to convey to the parents what the school is about. A tagline is necessary because a school name typically has to be short enough to make it easy to remember, which means there is not enough space to fully convey what the school is about.

After choosing a specific school name and tagline, it is time to select the colors and font to use. The font chosen should allow the name to be easy to read, while the color or colors chosen should be consistent with the child care branding. Here, it would be a good idea to take a look at the colors chosen by big brands and to do some research on what certain colors represent and the kinds of emotions they may evoke. And with regards to the logo, two versions must be prepared. A landscape version that contains the icon, school name, and tagline is to be used as much as possible. For places where the landscape version does not fit, a square version can be used.

And lastly, it is important to make sure that the school branding is consistent in everything that has to do with the school, such as brochures, newsletters, flyers, website, etc.

Child Care SEO is focused on helping daycares and preschools that want to boost enrollment but are not familiar with the complexities of Internet marketing. They have decided to specialize in providing digital marketing services for preschools and daycares, unlike other digital marketing agencies. This is because Magdalena and Colin MacLeod, the owners and founders of Child Care SEO, are also in the child care industry, operating their own schools for over 13 years.

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