Day&Night Services Private Limited Offers Commercial and Office Cleaning In Singapore

Day&Night Services Private Limited, based in Singapore, is pleased to announce that they are offering commercial and office cleaning services to the local community. The company is known for their holistic approach and customized cleaning services.

When considering the company’s office cleaning services, the team acknowledges that first impressions count. This is why the company takes great care in ensuring that their clients’ offices are always looking their best. Day&Night Services specializes in providing top quality office cleaning services at very reasonable rates. The company’s office cleaning services include a thorough general cleaning for common and public areas, lifts, corridors and washrooms for offices.

If one is looking to have a sparkling office to match one’s business, it is a fact that it would need cleaning. Day&Night Services provides vacuuming of floors, dusting, mopping, surface area cleaning, marble floor polishing, carpet cleaning and window cleaning. The company is experienced and skilled in cleaning all manner of properties, particularly modern offices. Regardless of the job or how daunting it may seem; the company is ready to help. Learn more here: Singapore Commercial Cleaning.

Day&Night Services specializes in commercial cleaning services. Just as with an office, first impressions of commercial premises are important. The company’s cleaning services include general cleaning for common and public areas, lifts, corridors and washrooms for offices, food courts, shopping centers, hospitals and other businesses. For offices and retail shops, the company offers general cleaning packages, floor cleaning and also specialized services such as Upholstery Cleaning and Deep Cleaning with disinfectants. The Service Day Box package covers everything from washing dishes to kitchen deep cleaning. The company will provide regular part-time and ad hoc staffing.

The company also offers commercial cleaning packages for schools. Places such Music or Dance Schools, Yoga Studios and Kindergartens often need to have a higher standard of cleanliness. The services provided will include mopping of hard flooring, spot cleaning on glass and mirrors. The Hotel Housekeeping package includes a variety of tasks ranging from floor polishing, carpet cleaning and making beds to stain removal. The company also offers specialized packages for clinics. This includes skincare/beauty salons, dentists & GP clinics, and specialist clinics, all which require higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Such specialized service is also given to places of worship. Churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues are places where large numbers of people gather and congregate. Places where people sit or touch, like railing, pews, handles, doors and seats are all cleaned thoroughly as part of the cleaning service. Learn more here:

Day&Night Services was started by a team of professionals with years of accumulated cleaning expertise. The company’s goal is to provide a unique ‘tailor-made’ quality cleaning experience to all of their customers. As the company is also accredited by the National Environment Agency (NEA) with their Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme, the quality of service is excellent. The company delivers high standards of cleaning through the training of workers, use of specialized equipment to improve work processes and by enforcing fair employment practices.

To carry out this unique cleaning service, a team of seasoned and experienced Operation Managers will perform a site survey to identify the characteristics of the site. The next step is to make a work schedule that is holistic yet undisruptive, inculcating deep and thorough cleaning schedules throughout the year. Based on the location and volume of human traffic of the premises, the company will set the right frequency of the periodic cleaning based on the client’s needs. In order to ensure that the Day&Night Services team keeps up to the required cleaning standards, the designated member in the Operations department will keep a closed loop communication with the ground cleaning team and conduct site walks regularly. This allows the company to further assist the ground team with any operational issues that they may face and further streamline the cleaning operations process. This holistic approach ensures that the client receives a consistently high standard of work.

According to a testimonial by Nazaruddin, of Lirea Properties, which was shared on the company’s website, “We would like to compliment M/s Day & Night Services Pte Ltd for their outstanding work to upkeep the cleanliness and hygiene for Tasty Plaza Building. Day & Night Services has provided us with an experienced and well skilled team to execute the usual routine works and has also provided us expertise services to deal with unusual situations especially during this pandemic period. The team has always going the extra mile to ensure quality works. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism, and we would recommend your services to the industries.”

To learn more about the services offered by Day&Night Cleaning, one may visit the official website. For further inquiries, one may contact the company directly via phone or email.


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