David S. Leigh, New York Wrongful Death Lawyer, Is Given Another Positive Evaluation

New York - Civil rights laws have been created so as to protect and guarantee everybody's fundamental freedoms. When people feel they have had their civil rights breached by the justice system, they often need to look for the support of a New York wrongful death lawyer in order to assist them.

Particularly in today's world, civil rights in the United States have been under fire and continue to come to the forefront in day-to-day headlines and erupting social discontent. Few understand the predicament of those who may have had their civil liberties violated better than David S. Leigh, Esq. As an experienced New York wrongful death lawyer, his clients rely on him to hold those who have breached their civil liberties accountable for their actions.

"We like to think, here in the US, that we stand for the security and freedom of all individuals, but, we understand that this isn't always the case. Each day, we see where our systems have failed some people. While the law provides for equal rights for all, we still see those laws being breached, not just by individual discrimination but also even by the very entities that are supposed to secure and uphold those basic civil liberties," Mr. Leigh stated. "Our firm believes in the core principle that everyone should have justice, but, much of our clients understand, from first-hand experience, that justice is not equal for all in our system. That is when we are hired to utilize the power of the law to help level that playing field."

Because of his strong advocacy of those who may have been victims of offenses including police brutality, excessive force, sexual assault, discrimination, and other civil liberties violations, he has gotten many positive reviews and accolades from his clients regarding their representation.

Medhurst Richardson from New York states: "David Leigh was professional, rational, level-headed and had our interest in mind at all times. He is just the person you need to represent you. He would ask for facts and what we desired. He counseled us and was always patient and considerate. I hope I never have to go through this situation again but I will absolutely call him again should I need his help. He has your back and fights with you."

The simple facts play out on our streets and local communities. In NYC, civil liberties injury claims were some of the most frequently submitted claims recently. Federal civil liberties claims have increased significantly over a previous couple of years. Sadly, Mr. Leigh knows that numerous civil liberties are violated by the very organizations tasked to secure them.

Although the justice system can feel overwhelming to anyone, many face the system every day thinking that the system is already rigged against them. Regrettably, that mindset has helped perpetuate abuse in many pockets of government and police. Mr. Leigh and his firm have devoted their careers to the civil liberties of others, in order to guarantee that those people are heard and that those who breach their rights are held responsible.

As knowledgeable New York civil rights attorneys, Mr. Leigh and his law firm, the Law Office of David S. Leigh, P.C., are watchful protectors of those whose civil rights have been violated. He has dedicated his profession to help make sure that everyone's voice is heard under the law, especially those who have had their civil rights broken by the justice system. To get more information about Mr. Leigh and his company, go to his site https://www.davidleighlaw.com/new-york-wrongful-death-lawyer/.


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