David S. Leigh, New York Personal Injury Lawyer, Earns Another Encouraging Customer Review

New York - The civil rights laws were created to protect and guarantee everyone's fundamental liberties. People who feel their civil rights have been violated by the justice system often need the help of a New York personal injury lawyer.

Civil liberties in America have come under intense scrutiny in today's world and continue to be the subject of daily headlines and social unrest. David S. Leigh Esq. is the best person to understand the plight of civil liberties violators. His clients rely on him as a New York personal injury lawyer to hold those who violate their civil rights accountable.

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"We like to believe that the US represents the security and freedom for all citizens. However, this is not always the case. We see every day where our systems have failed people. We still see that the law guarantees equal rights for everyone, but we also see violations of those laws by individuals and entities who are supposed to protect and maintain these standard civil liberties," Mr. Leigh said. "While our law office believes that everyone deserves justice, many of our clients are aware that justice is not always equal in our system. This is why we are asked to use the power and the law to level the playing field.

His unwavering advocacy for victims of police brutality, excessive force, and sexual assault has earned him many positive reviews from his clients.

Turcotte Lorri from New York states: We were involved in a minor car accident, and we didn't know how much compensation we might be entitled to. After I called the law office, the lawyer advised us to come in and fill out some paperwork. A few months later, they called and informed us that we had been offered an insurance policy. It was so easy that we almost didn’t have to do much. This lawyer made me extremely happy. Thank you so much.

These simple facts are what we see on the streets and in our local communities. Civil liberties injury claims are the most common claims in New York City. The number of federal civil rights claims has increased dramatically in the past few years. Unfortunately, Mr. Leigh knows that many civil rights are being violated by entities charged with protecting them.

Although the justice system can seem overwhelming, many people face it every day believing that the system is already biased against them. Unfortunately, this mindset has led to abuses in many pockets of government and law enforcement. His law office and Mr. Leigh have made it their mission to protect civil liberties and ensure that people who violate them are held accountable.

Mr. Leigh and his New York law firm, The Law Office of David S. Leigh P.C. are skilled New York civil rights attorneys. They protect the civil liberties of people who have been violated. He has made it his mission to ensure that everyone's voice is heard, especially those whose civil liberties have been violated by the justice process. Visit his website https://www.davidleighlaw.com/personal_injury-lawyerbronx/ to learn more about him.


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