Data Recovery Specialist Shares Tips On Managing News Consumption During The Pandemic

Irvine, CA based Hard Drive Recovery Group recently published a new blog post titled ‘How To Maintain Your Sanity In Relation To The News.’ There are more news sources now than ever before, the company observes, which means the average person is constantly bombarded with headlines regarding all kinds of disasters from all over the world. Hard Drive Recovery Group’s new blog post talks about how people can cope with the constant stream of information that has taken over the news in recent years.

“Because most of us have been stuck at home, we can’t help (or rather we don’t mind anymore) but be overly informed of everything,” the post says. “By the time we wake up, among the first things we do would be to grab our phones. Once we have successfully unlocked the screen, it is 100% sure that you get drowned with all the information you will encounter. You get updates on how many people in the US and every single country in the world have become positive of the COVID-19 virus, how many have recovered, and how many have perished. You then get told of what your friends are up to, how many plants they have decided to grow, how many of them have signed up for Black Lives Matter initiatives, and how many vacations and nights out have been hidden from you as people are finally posting throwback pictures in abandon.”

While reading news alerts and social media feeds, it is very easy to fall into a rabbit hole of news and information and burn away hours without noticing. This cycle is known to repeat itself, and with everyone being stuck at home, it will likely continue for as long as the lockdown lasts. An overload of information is never healthy, the article says, and it is even more taxing on one’s mental health considering the current state of the world.

The article also discusses how social media has turned into today’s foremost source of information. From updates on the COVID-19 situation to politics (and everything in between), social media is the number one source of information for most people. Twitter, Google News, Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms provide access to all kinds of news, and one can very easily build a curated news feed that provides constant updates on very specific issues around the world.

Hard Drive Recovery Group advises their community to be more discerning. “Apart from avoiding getting overwhelmed with the quantity of information you have access to and actually consume, you also need to be careful with the quality of information you accept,” the blog post says. “You should not allow yourself to take in each and every piece of information you get because that is going to screw up your psyche. Besides, you have to check the quality of your news sources because there are so many so-called media outfits that turn out to be purveyors of fake news.”

A heavy reliance on social media for updates on everything can also be viewed as an addiction, and it is important to beat this addiction for the sake of one’s mental health. One highly effective way to beat the addiction is to stop news alerts from coming in. By disabling news alerts, it is possible to cut down on the amount of time spent reading the news.

Cutting down the amount of time spent reading the news is crucial to maintaining one’s emotional well-being, and once one manages to do so, it is easy to see the massive difference it makes. The blog post says, “There is really no need to be updated in real time of how many people have become positive with the coronavirus, right? There is absolutely no point in getting informed that there are now thousands of people in, say Africa, who are now sick with the virus. Thus, your life will not end if you miss an update from Google about a protest in Indonesia or an explosion in Lebanon. They are important of course, but in the current state of your life, not really.”

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