Data Recovery Service Hard Drive Recovery Group Publishes Blog Post Sharing Good Email Etiquette

Data recovery service Hard Drive Recovery Group has released a blog post that documents the best practices that employees should follow to maintain proper email etiquette in the workplace.

The pandemic has forced office workers all around the world to be masters at remote communication as they are not afforded the luxury of in-person interactions anymore. This has led to employees needing to sharpen their email communication skills so that they can make sure their work is being accurately shared with the rest of their team without any errors or ambiguity. There are however many nuances of email communication that one might miss that can cause confusion amongst coworkers. The blog post reminds its readers of 4 such common mistakes that are frequently made in offices all around the world.

The first mistake that the article brings up is the tendency to use Reply All on a group email all of the time. The blog post says that it is better to err on the side of not using Reply All and instead, replying directly to the sender. The only situation where using the Reply All functionality makes sense is when all of the recipients of the email absolutely need to know the information that one is sending. The blog post says that when someone hits the Reply All button to share trivial information, such as they are done with the task assigned, it comes across as blowing one’s own trumpet.

The second mistake that the article points out is the use of ineffective subject lines. The article says that office emails should pack as much information as possible in the subject line. Times, dates, and events should feature prominently in the subject line. Employees of a large organization are bombarded with hundreds of emails throughout the day that may or may not be relevant to the tasks they are working on. To grab someone’s attention, the email has to be clear and precise to make sure that the intended recipient doesn’t ignore it or directly send it to the trash. The blog says that vague and alluring subject lines only fit marketing emails that are designed to tease the reader into reading the entire email and such practices have no place in the workplace. Just like failing hard drives, of course.

Next, the blog post points out that employees often forward emails to other teammates without explaining the purpose or the context behind forwarding them. This can create confusion if the email does not explicitly state any action items for the new recipient. It is always recommended to preface a forwarded email by explaining why the email is being forwarded and why the contents of the forwarded email are relevant to the new recipient. A note at the beginning of the email, regardless of its size, also sends a signal to the new recipient that the sender has read the entire email and has ascertained to a fair degree that information in the email is relevant to the new recipient.

The fourth important mistake that the blog post points out is that recipients just forget to or don’t place importance on sending an acknowledgment of having received an email. This leaves the party that sent the email wondering if the message that they spent a lot of time crafting was understood by the recipient. The goal is to set expectations such that the sender is assured that all the information that the recipient requires was successfully sent and the recipient does not require any additional information or context to help them with the task highlighted in the email. The blog post says that even a small reply comprising a few words is more than sufficient to get the acknowledgment across.

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