DART Derailment Injures Two In Dallas

Dallas, TX-based Advanced Skin Fitness Medical Spa & CoolSculpting Center is reaching out to share their perspective of a recent DART derailment that occurred in Dallas. Complete details about the incident can be found in an article published on Advanced Skin Fitness’ community blog.

A DART train derailed in downtown Dallas on December 19, causing minor injuries to two passengers. According to a DART spokesman, the incident happened at around 1:15 PM when the northbound Orange line train made contact with a southbound Green line train at the St. Paul Station. The injured passengers were given medical attention, and DART officials have been cooperating with local authorities to find out what caused the derailment. Fortunately, the shuttle service was not affected.

As a top-quality medical spa that offers skin revitalization, anti-aging treatments, body contouring, acne scar removal, low testosterone treatment, laser hair removal and hair restoration, the beauty specialist considers it their duty to stay in touch with recent news that affects their community. Since they have no direct ties to this particular event, they simply wish the two injured individuals a speedy recovery. In the future, however, they assert that their community can rely on their assistance where possible.

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