Dank Cannabis Dispensary Opens New Location In Dover, Calgary, Ab

Dank Cannabis Dispensary is sharing the positive reception of their second store, the Dover location of Dank Cannabis Dispensary. The dispensary opened in the last quarter of 2021, in spite of the challenges of the pandemic, and has been well received by the community they are serving. The mission of Dank Cannabis Dispensary is to cultivate the experience of CBD products for their customers, as well as offering the best CBD products available in Calgary.

The store offers a variety of products, from edibles to pre-rolled joints and more. Located at the intersection of 26 Ave SE and 36th St SE, the cannabis dispensary is promoted on Google Maps as being LGBTQ+ friendly and requiring masks for all staff and customers. Google Maps reviews of the business are overall positive, with one recent customer, identified only by the letter K, writing, “Amazing shop, great selection and prices. The staff are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable about the products. They are always ready with great recommendations. Definitely the dankest shop in town!” K’s is just one of several reviews on Google Maps praising the store for their prices, selection, and friendly, helpful staff. Anyone interested in learning more about Dank Cannabis Dispensary can visit their website.

New Dispensary in Dover, Calgary, AB

Dank Cannabis Dispensary, which now has locations in both Dover and Ogden, in Calgary, has loads of information on their website about the products they sell. Customers can visit a dispensary to find out more about products, or place an order online through their website for pickup at one of their locations. The website offers merchandise as well as cannabis products, including shirts and hats with the company logo and shirts printed with the phrase “Pot Girl Summer”. The selection of cannabis products available on the Dank Cannabis website is extensive, with many strains of cannabis offered as weed, pre-rolled joints, vaporizer cartridges, and concentrates. They also offer several kinds of concentrates, from the traditional form of hash to more modern extraction technologies like live resin and shatter. They even have a number of oils and sprays, offering both CBD and THC in an easy to use format.

For people who aren’t interested in smoking, or otherwise inhaling, their cannabis, Dank Cannabis Dispensary also offers a selection of edibles, with both THC and CBD varieties available. They have gummies and chocolate bars, as well as a number of cannabis infused drinks, which includes iced tea, lemonade, as well as grapefruit and passionfruit guava flavored sparkling water. Dank Cannabis Dispensary also sells topical products, which are meant to be used on the outside of the body, which can absorb THC and CBD through the skin. They have a few transdermal creams, as well as a CBD infused lip balm. As an extra relaxing option, the dispensary sells cannabis infused bath salts and bath bombs, which can add an extra high to a favorite bath time ritual.

The dispensary also sells many accessories that can be useful in the consumption of cannabis, including pipes, grinders, and dab rigs for consuming cannabis concentrates. A customer interested in growing their own cannabis may also be able to purchase seeds from Dank Cannabis Dispensary, though availability may vary. In spite of the challenges of the pandemic, Dank Cannabis Dispensary’s Dover location has been welcomed into their new community with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Another positive review on their store on Google Maps reads, “Really clean and fun looking store! They have a great selection of product, and extremely helpful staff. Definitely will be coming back!”

To this the store responded, “Hey Cassandra! We are so happy you had a great experience at Dank and thank you for the kind words. Hoping to see you again very soon!”

The employees at this store are excited to serve experienced cannabis users as well as those who are new to their cannabis journey, offering recommendations, advice, and knowledge for anyone who needs it. Anyone in the Calgary, Alberta area is welcome to visit Dank Cannabis Dispensary for all their cannabis needs.


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Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Dover, Calgary, AB
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