Dank Cannabis Dispensary Is Offering Same Day Delivery In Ogden, Calgary AB

Dank Cannabis Dispensary, one of Calgary, Alberta’s most prominent marijuana products retailers, will soon begin offering online orders and same-day delivery of the finest cannabis products in Ogden and through much of southeast Calgary.

Alberta recently passed Bill 80, Alberta’s Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act, which allows private licensed cannabis retailers to offer online sales of cannabis. Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Calgary was eagerly awaiting the ruling and in its wake, it has announced that it will soon begin online deliveries of cannabis from its locations in Calgary.

Ogden Dispensary in Calgary AB

The dispensary’s current roster of cannabis products includes marijuana flower buds, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, edibles, drinks, cannabidiol, accessories, seeds, and topicals. The dispensary is currently offering online ordering with the in-store pickup of the products. The opening of the floodgates for online delivery by private retailers means that Dank Cannabis Dispensary will now be able to provide home delivery of the products that its customers order on the online store. Readers can stay on top of any developments from the dispensary by following their press updates.

A spokesperson for the cannabis dispensary talks about the new home delivery options by saying, “Since we began operations, it has always been our mission to serve our valued Calgary clientele in any way that we can. With the passing of Alberta’s Bill 80, we are now able to make full use of our cannabis license and are close to breaking down the last barrier to cannabis consumption in the province of Alberta. We are setting up a seamless new cannabis delivery infrastructure that includes a revamped website with the ability to order marijuana products from the comfort of your home and to have them show up at your doorstep, in most areas in Calgary, within a matter of hours. We are also heavily investing in the personnel and transportation needed to make sure the deliveries are as smooth and as fast as possible so that we can display estimated delivery times on the website. Now you will be able to enjoy your day in with the most relaxing and invigorating marijuana products without having to make a trip down to our store to pick them up yourselves. Imagine the possibilities of your whole day opening up and you getting complete control over your schedule. We strongly believe that this is how easy and hassle-free marijuana consumption should be in Canada and here at Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Calgary, we are proud to be a part of this brave new future and ambitious recreational marijuana paradigm. So head over to our website today to browse our products and add what you like to your cart. That way you will be ready to go the day online deliveries begin.”

Currently, the products on the online store are accompanied by a weight indicator in grams that denotes the amount of cannabis content in the product along with the price of the product. The juxtaposition of the weight in grams along with the cost in CAD gives buyers an easy way to determine the cost per gram of the products that they are purchasing, enabling them to make a wise purchasing decision. The listings also have an Indica or Sativa label for each product which helps buyers be sure of the type of marijuana strain they are purchasing as both types have different physical and psychosomatic effects. The store also has a label for the percentage of THC content in the product which helps buyers make the right choice and only pick the products that they will be comfortable consuming. THC is the primary cannabidiol responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis and, thus, THC percentage has a huge bearing on the intended efficacy of the product.

Their dispensary location in Ogden can be contacted at the phone number (403) 775-3265 or the email address hello@dank.ca. The location is open all days of the week from 10 AM to 10 PM.


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