Dan LHeureux Publishes a Facebook Post Introducing New Marketing Automation Software Social Prospect Pro

Dan LHeureux from Tech Life Media has published a post on Facebook educating users on the exciting new automated Facebook marketing software Social Prospect Pro. The post details the key benefits of the software and how Dan uses them to supercharge and automate his marketing efforts.

Dan LHeureux explains in his Facebook post, “Today I’m going to talk to you about an awesome tool that I use on a daily basis, multiple times a day. Social Prospector Pro allows me to maximize my Facebook profile and to get free traffic, leads, and sales. Since Facebook’s algorithm will penalize you for dead weight, you can actually go in and remove people who have not engaged with you in a long time. This tool also allows me to send out pre-written messages to multiple people at the same time. There are many other features in this tool that allow a person to take control of their time and not waste it sitting at the computer for two to four hours a day. I am sure that it will make a difference in your business and change it for the better.”

Social Prospect Pro

The comments on the Facebook post are all very thankful and supportive of Dan for sharing the software and the relevant information. Many of the commenters were eager to learn more about Social Prospector Pro. One comment says, “Sounds awesome and amazing. This really is a great deal. I definitely need this software. A wow moment in every way. I’ll be coming through for this value-based software. Allow me to go and invite many others to come through and get this software as well. A million thanks for sharing. This is epic indeed.” Another comment says, “Another tool that sounds indispensable to my efforts. I will certainly be exploring more information.” Another comment on the post says, “Sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to give this a go.”

Social Prospector Pro is a collection of very useful tools that allow the user to generate 100% free traffic, leads, and sales with minimal effort. The Inactive Friends Tool allows the user to scan their entire friend list and filter out friends who haven't liked their past 10 to 100 posts. This removes the dead weight from the user’s friends and makes room for laser-targeted prospects who will engage and do business with them.

The Inactive Organizer Tool generates the user’s list of inactive Facebook friends. The user is then able to arrange them from oldest to newest friends which will enable them to remove the least active users. The Post Liker Tool allows the user to locate posts from targeted influencers or pages in their niche and friend request them. This is extremely powerful because it will enable the user to build a friends list of 100% targeted prospects.

The Member Friender Tool allows the user to send unlimited friend requests to members of groups that are in their target market. This way the user can be confident that every single person who becomes their friend is a potential buyer. The Mass Messenger Tool allows the user to segment their friend list based on the time frames in which they became friends or simply send mass messages to their entire friend list at the click of a button.

The Deactivated Profile Tool allows the user to remove deactivated profiles as Facebook allows only 5000 friends and it is in their best interest to ensure that all of them are active and engaging with them. The Post Lover Tool automatically goes down the user’s timeline and spreads love on every post that it comes across. It also comments on those same posts while rotating between infinite variations of written comments.

The marketing automation software also has many other tools such as the Friend Request Cancellation Tool, Comment Auto Replier Tool, Safe List Feature, Message Removal Tool, Group Removal Tool, Fancy Text Tool, Incoming Friend Request Cancellation Tool, Facebook Page Inviter Tool, Friend Removal Blacklisting Tool, and Broadcaster Tool.


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