Dallas Shoppers Spending More For The Holidays

Local business bloggers in Dallas are feeling encouraged after new data has come out showing the region is set to enjoy higher consumer spending this holiday season than other parts of the country. This was based on a new holiday survey by Deloitte revealing that the holiday shopper in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex spends more than the average holiday shopper in the whole US.

The Deloitte holiday survey found that people in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex plan to spend $1,655 this holiday season, which is higher than the average budget of $1,387 of holiday shoppers in the United States and is 10 percent higher than the amount spent in 2019. And among the Collin County cities, Richardson had the highest holiday shopping budget of $2,003. This particular city is 36th of 570 cities, according to national ranking.

One local business blog belonging to an orthodontics practice noted that a large percent of Dallas shoppers had already begun shopping as of October 2020 and approximately 60 percent planned to begin purchasing holiday gifts before the middle of November 2020. Meanwhile, the article reminds people not to forget to save some money for the following year as the year 2020 is about to end.

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