Dallas Med Spa Advanced Skin Fitness Has Released A Blog Post Giving Tips For Banishing 5 Common Winter Skin Issues

Dallas med spa, Advanced Skin Fitness has released an article that gives tips for banishing common winter skin issues. This article is especially useful for the citizens of Texas who have been dealing with severe winter weather for the last few weeks.

The article says that cold weather causes dry air. The dryness of the air increases as the temperature goes down. Since dry air has less moisture than other seasons, it can suck the moisture out of the skin, chapping it, and causing irritation. The dry air causes the water held by the skin to literally evaporate. It can also lead to patches of red, itchy skin, or just a general feeling of tightness. A solution to this problem is to stay hydrated. Maintaining adequate water levels in the body leads to the replenishing of the depleted water that is lost to the air. Another solution is to use some extra moisturizer on the skin. A balanced diet also goes a long way to maintaining skin health. The article recommends ingredients like Omega 3 from fish and flaxseed oil. The article also recommends not skipping the skincare routine. It recommends using a gentle cleanser, exfoliating once or twice a week, and using moisturizer morning and night. It also recommends spritzing the face with rosewater or another similar moisturizing spray throughout the day.

Dry air can also cause flaky skin. Not only is it unappealing to look at, but it also creates a layer on top of the healthy skin, preventing it from absorbing any moisture to repair itself. This is why it is important to combat flaky skin or the dryness keeps seeping deeper and deeper. The blog post’s solution to this is to exfoliate to remove the dead skin from the face to promote new cell growth. It also says that one should stay away from soaps and cleansers that have a high pH balance. High pH soaps can cause even more dryness and inflammation. After the cleansing, it is recommended to use a toner to restore the skin’s natural acid mantle. When drying, it is recommended to pat the skin dry instead of rubbing.

Just like the summer heat can cause irritation and redness, winter wind can cause the same problems. Unlike the summer months, the redness and irritation caused by the cold winter persist throughout the season. To alleviate these symptoms, the blog post recommends strictly adhering to the skincare routine and staying indoors as much as possible. It also says to use a gentle cleanser, a trusted serum, and a good moisturizer.

Another problem that one might face in the cold season is chapped lips. The cold winter wind causes lips to chap, crack and peel. The natural human response of licking the lips just makes the problem worse because saliva evaporates quickly and further dries the lips. The blog post recommends avoiding pouting and licking one’s lips. The clearest solution to this problem is the liberal use of lip ointment or lip butter with ample vitamin A and E. It is best to avoid wearing lipstick because once the tint dries, it hastens the drying of the skin. If it is absolutely essential to wear lipstick, the blog post recommends getting a lip treatment. Then the article highlights the damage from UV rays. They pose a bigger threat in the winter than in the summer because snow reflects 80% of the sun’s rays. The solution to fighting UV rays is applying sunscreen with an adequate SPF rating. It is critical to protect the skin on a cloudy day and especially in the snow.

Advanced Skin Fitness appeals to Texans to book an appointment with them if they face skin problems during these winter months. There is a contact form on its website to book free, zero-obligation consultation with the clinic. Prospective clients can also follow the clinic on Facebook to stay up to date with other announcements.


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