Dallas Law Firm Mullen & Mullen Publishes Article: 'It's Unwise to Let Insurer Monitor People's Driving'

Dallas-based Mullen & Mullen Law Firm has just added a new blog article to their website. This article is titled ‘Should You Let Your Insurance Company Monitor Your Driving?’. As the name suggests, it’s a blog post that discusses whether or not someone should allow their insurance company to install a device in their car that monitors their driving habits. People do this for some potential breaks on their auto insurance premiums. This article was written by the firm’s managing partner, Shane Mullen, who has many years of experience litigating auto accident-related personal injury cases and because of that, he recognizes what factors can make a legal claim more difficult to resolve in a client’s favor. Those that read this new blog will come to find that the list of reasons not to allow one’s insurance company to monitor their driving habits far outweighs the limited monetary benefits.

A representative of the firm, Doug Callaway, says, “Take it from someone that spends a large amount of time around car accident-related legal proceedings, it seems like litigating these types of cases get more complicated all of the time. That’s why we like to give free legal advice to our clients at times if we feel that advice can do such things as help them avoid some future hassles if they ever bring forth a car accident personal injury case. There is no better example of this than the advice we give in our latest blog post that talks about the good and bad points of someone allowing their insurance company to monitor their driving.”

In the new article, it started by saying that while getting some extra money in their pocket is nice for someone, but by allowing a device to be installed in their vehicle to monitor their driving, this may just provide that person’s insurance company with the means to not pay them any money if they get into an accident. The article also listed the many different driving actions that these devices can measure. That includes a driver’s speed, the time of day they drive, how they use their brakes, where they parked, their mileage driven each day, and even how they turn and their phone usage. This is information that can be used by an insurance company as support for denying a claim. Other information in the new blog post included a survey done in 2015 by Pew Research that says only 35% of those surveyed would allow their insurance company to monitor their driving and 45% claimed that the risks of having their driving habits monitored outweighed the benefits. It was also mentioned that these monitoring devices had such shortcomings as not being able to measure the actions of other drivers on the road. The article ended by saying that those who allow their insurance companies to monitor their driving are playing right into the hands of companies whose sole purpose is to look for ways to minimize insurance payouts.

Callaway went on to point out that they offer a wide variety of other personal injury-related and legal services too. This list includes workplace incidents, slip & fall accidents, dog bite cases, and wrongful deaths. Other specialties of the firm are handling any type of moving vehicle personal injury claims and litigating cases that involve traumatic brain injuries.

This firm has seen its legal team work hard over the years to help it establish a solid reputation in the personal injury legal field in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. This is reflected in the many glowing reviews that the Mullen & Mullen Law Firm has received over the years from satisfied clients. Here are some examples of that in two 5-star reviews that were taken from this firm’s Google Maps Business Listing. Kendall Mullen wrote, “Shane and Joe were my lawyers for a personal injury case resulting from an 18-wheeler accident. They were great to work with. They kept me well informed during every step of the process and kept my best interest at the forefront. I would highly recommend this firm!” Stephen Fletcher stated, “This was my second time utilizing the services of this law firm with a case. Bar none, they are truly a top-notch and caring group of professionals and that includes their staff. I will highly recommend this firm. Additionally, Mr. Josh Banks went far above and beyond the call of duty when it came to ensuring the success of my case.”

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