Dallas Bloggers Celebrate Asian Women Making A Mark Locally

Amidst nearly constant negative news on the national front, community bloggers in Dallas are talking about a more possitive topic - the accolades and recognition that Asian American women are garnering for their contributions in the comunity.

For example, in a recent post by a Dallas blogger on a local law firm's site, mention was made of Julie Wang Zheng. Julie Wang Zheng was recently featured on Tatler Hong Kong’s article (published on December 11th), which featured a list of trailblazing Asian women. She was included for her impressive feat of circumnavigating the globe, a journey which she began in Dallas.

The article reads, “In 2016, pilot and flight instructor Julie Wang Zheng joined an elite club when she became the first Asian woman to circumnavigate the Earth in an airplane, and the first Chinese person to fly solo around the world. Wang took 33 days and 155 hours of flying a single-engine propeller plane to complete her journey where she started, in the Dallas area of Texas.”

The comunity blog mentioned above also notes another Asian woman in their post, Susan Do Zuniga, a Dallas mom who wrote, illustrated and self-published an adorable children’s book to teach her sons and other similar children of their Vietnamense heritage. An article published by NBC 5 DFW reads, “‘The Pho Team’ is a book written, illustrated and self-published by a woman in Dallas. It’s about a boy who finds himself hungry for the Vietnamese food pho and meets some friends along the way. “I have two little boys. One is 11 months old, and the other is 3 years old. And I married a Honduran man, so our family is a big mix, hodgepodge of different cultures,” said Susan Do Zuniga, a lawyer, wife and mom who wrote the book to connect her sons to their Vietnamese culture.”

James, a spokesperson for maedgenaccidentattorneys.com, says, “We have always taken pride in Dallas being diverse place for people of all cultures and backgrounds, and the fact that Dallas is becoming the place of origin for trailblazing Asian women in a wide variety of industries is truly amazing. What both Julie Wang Zheng and Susan Do Zuniga have done are remarkable achievements, and we believe that every Dallas resident should be as proud of them as we are.”

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