Dallas Area Law Firm Acknowledges in Blog Post Local Libraries Efforts to Adapt to the Pandemic

Libraries in the Dallas area have done an exceptional job adjusting to the way they serve their communities during the current pandemic. This fact was the subject of a recent blog article that was posted on the Ward Maedgen Accident Attorneys website. This law firm is well-known for their strong sense of community and they thought that recognition was due for the different Dallas library branches that have become creative when it comes to adapting to the ongoing pandemic. This new blog article can be seen under the ‘recent posts’ section of this reputable Dallas law firm’s website.

The firm’s new post started by acknowledging that part of their inspiration for the blog came from an article that was first published in The Dallas Morning News on November 23rd. This article was titled ‘Garland Library’s Sidewalk Obstacle Course A Perfect Social Distancing Activity’. It highlighted the efforts of the Dallas Nicholson Memorial Library System’s South Garland branch to adapt their services to become more pandemic-friendly.

In the Ward Maedgen Accident Attorneys blog, it stated how the South Garland library branch had gone so far as to design a chalk obstacle course on the sidewalk around their facility. It included such simple and fun activities as traditional hopscotch, spinning around in circles, skipping, and touching one’s toes. The article also stated that those in charge have plenty of spare chalk so the obstacle course would not be down long after it rains. Anyone who completes the course is rewarded with a sticker for their efforts. This library branch also has stepped up through the reading of stories on Facebook live and by holding socially distant club and class activities. In the blog, it was also stated that the Grapevine branch of the Dallas library system has stayed a little more traditional in its efforts to adapt to the ongoing pandemic. They have done that by establishing a program they call ‘Dial a Story’. Patrons can call a special library number (817-442-2100) and get access to such things as the joke of the day, fun facts, audiobooks, and more. The newly posted article even mentioned that those who are currently engrossed in an audiobook can punch in a number to take them to the very chapter where they left off. This month’s featured audiobook is the popular story ‘Anne of Green Gables’.

A firm representative has this to say on their latest blog, “It has come to our attention that many businesses, government entities, and individuals have worked hard and gotten creative coming up with ways to lift people’s spirits and help keep them active during the ongoing pandemic. Much of this activity has gone almost unnoticed despite how important it has been to the morale of those in many Dallas communities. What several branches in the Dallas Library System have done to help during the current Covid-19 crisis certainly falls into this category. That’s why we felt compelled to give them a ‘shout out’ in our recent blog post.”

In addition to recognizing those in the community that deserve it, this local personal injury attorney also provides excellent legal services to those that come to him after they have become accident victims through no fault of their own. The firm’s spokesperson talked about how they specialize in such personal injury areas as moving vehicle accidents, construction accidents, and premises liability. It was also mentioned that some of the other specialties of this highly rated Dallas law firm include wrongful death, medical malpractice, and product liability. According to the firm’s spokesperson, Attorney Maedgen brings a unique perspective to his craft due to his background as a former Texas Assistant District Attorney. This background has helped this lawyer garner such recognition as being named on ‘D Magazine’s – The Best Lawyers in Dallas’ on several occasions.

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