Daily Scanner's Mark Lutchman Interview Reveals The Inner Workings Of The Conservative Content Creator's Methodology

The Daily Scanner posted an interview with Mark Lutchman, one of the foremost conservative African American figureheads in the political scene. Mark Lutchman is an innovator in the video marketing and political space who is not afraid of speaking his mind. Mark's understanding of how people consume media, and how to craft compelling stories via video and transcriptions make him one of the Republican party’s best assets for the 2020 American presidential election. In the interview, Mark gives clarity regarding how to build a personal brand and his stance on getting over the fear of putting oneself out into the world.

Mark Lutchman is a retired Army National Guardsman who was born in Puerto Rico to an immigrant Trinidadian mother. He started off creating conservative style political commentary videos, one of which gained traction on a large pro-Trump Facebook group. Leveraging his newfound fame, he set up an online presence and has since been voicing his opinion on hot button issues. He claims to be a voice for the many black conservatives who struggle to find their place in the country. He has worked with the likes of Joel Patrick, The Hodgetwins, and Terrence K Williams.

Mark Lutchman

In the interview, when asked to elaborate on his methodology of generating the content, Mark Lutchman says, “I use trending political topics and turn them into easy to digest, share, and engage with posts on social media for millions to like, comment, and share. There is a formula to the virality of content which I have worked to master over the past 4 years of content creation.”

Mark talks about the most important qualities of a good post by saying, “I believe the essence of a viral post can be broken down into three main components. Informative, engageable, and shareable. If your content is easy to comprehend with valuable information, is easy to engage with, and is compelling to share, then you have the three main ingredients for a viral post. This is the way I look at it. And the numbers show that my method works.”

The interviewer probes him further to extract the formula to Mark’s appeal by comparing him to Daniel Tosh, a popular comedian, and television host, to which Mark replies, “You can say that! The political conversation today is much different than it was years ago. There is an element of entertainment that politics in our era, that has arisen because of social media and political content creators like myself.”

On being asked about his social network and its importance in building a solid brand, Mark says, “One of the best ways to grow in influence and social media stability is by having a great network of people who share your niche and can collaborate with you in mutually beneficial ways. Networking, Community building, and content creation are in my opinion the three essential pillars of brand building.”

When asked about the motivation behind his work, Mark Lutchman says, “I think what gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment outside of the political aspect is knowing that all the hard and consistent work I have done for the past four years paid off. I didn’t start off thinking I would build such an enormous brand and community, but now that I have, it’s very fulfilling to know that I had reached feats I didn’t think possible. I never took a course on social media or business. I just jumped right in, and through trial and error, I found out what works and what doesn’t work. I perfected what works and I am one of the most engaged with conservative political influencers on the internet.”


When asked to sum up his political position and how it affects his world view, Mark says, "I am a patriot. I believe that with hard work and kindness, Americans can do anything. I believe in the constitution. I believe in the right to free speech and the right to bear arms. I will not be bullied or intimidated. I am very glad to be able to educate and inform my fellow Americans on things that I believe are of great importance."


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Mark Lutchman
Mark Lutchman