D.I. Auto Care Talks About Why Mobile Window Tinting Looks Best When Done by Professionals

As the name states, Phoenix’s D.I. Auto Care specializes in making cars look and smell better in many different ways after a customer has taken advantage of their services. One of their more popular services is the mobile window tinting that they provide for car owners in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Arcadia, Tempe, and other Arizona locations. It’s also a car detailing task that can go horribly wrong when done by a non-professional. They have witnessed this first-hand many times when called to a location where they need to correct a poor window tinting application. This is the reason why the company likes to take the time to point out why window tinting always turns out best when left to professionals.

The company representative stated, “When a car detailing professional does a task such as window tinting over and over again thousands of times, it’s a job they tend to get very good at. That’s exactly the case with us here at D.I. Auto Care. It has been many years since we have seen a non-professional window tinting job that even comes close to the quality of our applications. We have seen many self-window tinting jobs head south too and it’s worth noting that it costs more for us to correct a poor window tinting effort than it is for us to do a professional job in the first place.”

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According to the company representative, the many reasons for choosing a professional to do window tinting start with the fact that they are familiar with the local tinting regulations. They also are experts when it comes to providing estimates for auto glass tinting services and they get it done right the first time. He mentioned that it also cannot be overlooked that detailing services like theirs fully guarantee the quality of their work. Most window tinting professionals such as those at D.I. Auto Care also uses a much better grade of film than what people can obtain in an auto or other type of retail store. The company representative stated this is a major reason why professional window tinting installations look immensely better than those that were done by non-professionals on their cars.

D.I. Auto Care’s window tinting services have also generated many rave reviews by people that have asked the company to perform this service for them. Uaibsl Bsnnsl stated, “I got referred by a co-worker to get my new Tesla X Detailed and have the windows tinted. I called D.I. Auto Care and they came out to my work and had my car looking amazing in a few hours.” Sgkab Halab wrote, “A friend referred D.I. Auto Care to me to get my New Porsche Tinted and Detailed, I ended up going with the Ceramic Window Tint because of my skin problems. He was on time and professional and my Cayenne Looks amazing. They even came out to my house in the Ahwatukee Desert Foothills and it was really convenient for me.” These 5-star reviews were taken from the company’s Google Maps Business Listing where they average a much better than normal 4.8 out of a possible 5-stars on the more than 30 reviews that have been left on their services.

According to the company representative, not only are those at D.I. Auto Care very good at installing window tinting on vehicles, but they are also experts when it comes to tint removal. It’s something that many people feel a need to do when they go to sell their vehicles or the tinting has been deemed to be too dark to be legal under the law The tinting does have to be the result of a project that a professional detailer from D.I. Auto Care did themselves either. He stated that they can even remove tinting that was installed by other professionals or individuals. They also do clean window tinting removal which does not leave any residue on the window after the tinting has been removed.


Specialty and other car owners in the Phoenix area that would like more information on the professional window tinting and other top-notch detailing services that D.I. Auto Care offers can contact them by phone, text, or email.


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