D.I. Auto Care Offers Ceramic Coating for Paint Protection in Ahwatukee Phoenix

D.I. Auto Care has been in business for over 34 years and has a 5-star rating on Google and Yelp, they are open 7 days a week to better serve their clients in the Ahwatukee Phoenix AZ area.

D.I. Auto Care is proud to offer a Spray on Ceramic Coating to protect the vehicle from the harsh Arizona Sun and keep it looking like new 365 days of the year. Ceramic spray coatings are tiny glass-like particles of Silicon Dioxide suspended in a resin. This gives the car a truly durable seal and a glass-like finish.

Ceramic Coating Spray

Paul the owner of D.I. Auto Care says: “The ceramic coating in spray form and also in liquid form will help protect peoples cars, trucks, SUV's or boats from the hot AZ Summers.”

Ceramic shine spray is a quick way to get the effects of a traditional ceramic coating without all of the hard work. Applying a Liquid ceramic coating takes hours of careful application and is recommended to be applied by a professional. It won’t wash away in the car-wash like other lesser brands. The Spray-on formula takes minutes to apply and creates a glass-like shine. Designed to draw out the vehicle’s clear coat and sparkle like the day it was new.

The spray coating also offers up to 12 months of protection once the Sio2 dries, it’s not prone to being degraded by elements and leaves a beautiful new car shine.

Ceramic coating protects a car's paint from blemishes and damage while keeping it cleaner for longer periods of time. After application, it also makes follow-up car washes easier and shields the car from harmful UV rays, bugs and tree sap. Ceramic coating creates intense water beading and dirt run-off ability and gives the car an extremely glossy shine.

Ceramic coating will protect the car's paint from oxidizing, preventing it from fading and wearing a dull look. This is absolutely critical if the car is parked outside or if it is parked at work all day in a parking lot under the Sun.

Traditional ceramic coatings, also known as nano ceramic coating, acts as an additional layer of protection for cars. The ultra-fine, thin coating is manually applied over cars by hand and uses nanotechnology to seal the entire surface, making it water-repellant. Not only does it protect the cars paint from water spots, but it also helps prevent damage from UV rays, chemicals, excessive heat, scratches, dirt, and other kinds of heavy pollutants.

The company says it’s almost like a glass-like barrier for all of vehicles, meaning it can take damage and pressure much better than a non-coated vehicle. It’s not new either; it has been used by the military for years thanks to its protective properties and was only recently introduced to the auto industry.


For more information please check out the company's website: https://cardetailingphoenix.com/spray-on-ceramic-coating/


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