D.I. Auto Care Offers Car Detailing In The Phoenix Area

D.I. Auto Care, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is pleased to remind the local community that they are offering car detailing services. Most car owners look for these services when they want their cars to be restored so they look brand new once again. The company offers these services for a large range of vehicles, including cars, trucks and recreational vehicles.

The primary purpose of detailing is to restore a car to its original condition when it was brand new. The detailing service offered by D.I. Auto Care has two parts: interior detailing and exterior detailing. Exterior detailing handles the cleaning of the outer parts and surfaces the car. After the external parts of the car have been thoroughly washed, the car’s exterior surfaces will be repainted if the old paint is no longer in good condition. A glossy paint finish will ensure that the car looks like new once more. If needed, the team may also need to replace the chrome trim if it is already distorted or chipped. If it is in good condition, the trim will be simply cleaned well and made to shine. External parts of the car (such as the tires, wheels, windows and so on) will also undergo a thorough cleaning. After the exterior surfaces of the car have been cleaned, the car will be waxed and polished to restore the shine.

The interior version of auto detailing involves the manual restoration of the interior of the cabin of the vehicle in question. An automated wash system is not as thorough, so professional detailing services are often relied on in order to service a vehicle. Many discerning owners would prefer to have interior detailing done by trained personnel. The team at D.I. Auto Care takes special measures to ensure that all of a car’s surfaces are taken into account when they begin the detailing process. Depending on the materials inside the cabin, such as leather, multiple types of plastic, vinyl and so on, the company’s technicians will use the most appropriate and safe method to refresh its appearance. These cleaning methods may include processes such as vacuuming, steam-cleaning, leather trimming and perfuming. All non-porous surfaces will also be polished.

The main purpose of a detailing session is meant to extend the lifespan of the vehicle’s surfaces. This process will help minimize the external damage caused by factors that include age, sunlight exposure and even more mundane issues (such as a beverage spill) from taking its toll on the interior of the vehicle. The experienced professionals at D.I. Auto Care are trained to be able to remove any detritus and allergens that may be trapped in the car’s carpeting and ventilation systems. A clean and allergen-free interior will make traveling more pleasant for both a car’s driver and passengers. This process will also help eliminate the negative impact on their health. For the interior detailing, deep cleaning will be a crucial part of the process. D.I. Auto Care also offers mobile detailing for their local clientele, in order to ensure that their needs can be met at all times.

Paul, a representative for D.I. Auto Care, says, “We’re ready to provide mobile detailing to car owners in Phoenix and surrounding areas. When looking for nearby detailing providers, residents are welcome to visit our website to learn more about our services. We can help in restoring interior seats and carpets, increasing the car resale value, preserving the paint condition, engine detailing, removing light scratches, making the car clean and shiny, providing ceramic paint protection and also cleaning and conditioning the leather.”

The company takes great pride in the attention to detail they bring to each vehicle. As such, the dedication and skill of the team can be seen in their many positive reviews. In a 5-Star rated testimonial shared on the company website, Uaibsl B. states that, “I got referred from a co-worker to get my new Tesla X detailed and have the windows tinted. I called D.I. Auto Care. They came out to my work and had my car looking amazing in a few hours.”

Those interested in the detailing services offered by D.I. Auto Care may visit the company website to explore further. For further inquiries, one may contact them via phone or email.


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