D.I. Auto Care Offers Car Detailing In Ahwatukee

D.I. Auto Care, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is proud to announce that they now provide auto detailing in the Ahwatukee area. Thanks to these services, Ahwatukee car owners will now be able to have their cars look like new again. Learn more here: Detailing Ahwatukee.

The detailing services provided by D.I. Auto care are intended to be applicable for various types of motor vehicles, including cars, high-performance cars, recreational vehicles, trucks, boats and motor coaches. The company also offers services such as window tinting, ceramic paint protection, auto glass windshield repair replacement and window tint removal. The main purpose of the detailing service is to make the car look brand new once again.

Detailing Ahwatukee

Detailing has two main aspects, which are exterior detailing and interior detailing. The former concerns the cleaning of the outer parts and surfaces the car. After the external parts of the car are thoroughly washed, the car’s exterior surfaces will be repainted if the old paint is in bad condition, such as being scratched or chipped. The chrome trim of the car will be cleaned and trimmed, if not damaged, and made to shine. Other external parts which often require cleaning include the tires, wheels, windows and so on. In order to make the car shine, the outer surface will then be waxed and polished. Learn more here: Car Detailing Ahwatukee.

For the interior, the team at D.I. Auto Care will carry out a deep cleaning inside the cabin itself. This process includes examining and cleaning all the different types of materials inside the car, such as vinyl, synthetic carpet upholstery, leather, natural fibers, plastics and carbon fiber composites. The interior will also be cleaned and vacuumed. The process will also involve steam cleaning and the utilization of brushes, along with liquid and foam chemicals. Any nonporous surfaces that are in the interior of the car will also be thoroughly polished till they shine.

Paul, a representative from D.I. Auto Care states, “We’re excited to announce that we are offering auto detailing services to car owners in the Ahwatukee area and surrounding communities. Among the many services that we provide, we can help in restoring interior seats and carpets, increasing the car resale value, preserving the paint condition, engine detailing, removing light scratches, providing ceramic paint protection, making the car clean and shiny, and cleaning and conditioning of leather. If you’re looking for a professional detailing service nearby that can meet each and every one of your car’s needs, we suggest that you check out our services.” The company also offers mobile detailing services for their local community, a much needed service in these times. Learn more here: Mobile Detaiing Ahwatukee.

D.I. Auto Care also offers window tint installation or removal for vehicles. Window tinting offers a number of advantages to the client. Some of these include increased privacy, preventing the glass windshield from shattering, stopping harmful UV rays from getting inside the car and up to 50% decrease in cooling costs (as it causes a reduction of heat buildup inside the car). Window film can also help prevent a window from breaking and showering the car’s occupants with glass when it breaks. This is because window film can hold together the broken shards of glass, preventing jagged edges from cutting into anyone sitting inside at the time.

D.I. Auto Care can also offer the replacement of auto glass windshields, whenever this is needed. The company also offers mobile windshield replacement in order to provide the best service for their clients. There are many benefits to this, some of which are less expensive auto glass replacement, a quick recovery, guaranteed satisfaction, a lifetime warranty from the company and improved protection. Auto glass replacement may be a better option than auto glass repair in most situations as well. This is usually due to the windshield already having exceptionally low visibility because of the defects it has suffered over its lifetime. This causes the driver and passengers to be at higher risk, particularly when driving at night in dim lighting or into the sun.

Those who would like to learn more about the services offered can visit the D.I. Auto Care website to get started. One may also contact the team through the phone or via email.


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