D.I. Auto Care Offers Back Glass Replacement

AZ-based D.I. Auto Care would like to announce the availability of their back glass replacement services in Phoenix. The company offers glass replacement for SUVs, hatchbacks and many other types of vehicles. The car detailing service specializes in returning vehicles to what they looked like when brand new, and they have come to be known in Phoenix for restoring vehicles that have experienced various states of disrepair.

The company’s services extend far beyond glass replacement. “If your vehicle is not looking like the day you bought it, and has stains or the paint isn't as shiny, please give us a call or text,” says the Phoenix car detailing service. “If you would like your car to have that new car smell again, your paint to sparkle like new, your friends to comment on how great your car looks, your leather seats to look new and clean, your carpets to be free of stains and smells and increase the resale value of your car, come see us. You will feel like a million dollars in your freshly cleaned car. We have a 5-Star Rating on Google and Yelp, and we take pride in our customers' vehicles to make sure we can bring it back to like-new condition and give you a car you can be proud of. When it’s time to sell, you can also get top dollar for it.”

Car detailing is essentially a very thorough form of cleaning but with one crucial difference. When washing a car, the goal is simply to remove dirt, whereas detailing aims to restore the car to its original state, free of dirt, blemishes and scratches. Offering service seven days a week, the company can help ensure that every one of their customers’ vehicles is in the best condition they can be. Phoenix, Arizona vehicle owners have come to rely on D.I Auto Care for all their vehicle detailing and glass repair services, with many of the vehicles in the area (both individually and commercially owned), being taken care of by the company’s expert technicians. Read more about their rear glass replacement services online through their website and other resources.

D.I. Auto Care also offers other services, such as window tinting. The detailing service encourages those who may be looking to get their windows tinted to do so before the summer heat arrives. Tinting, in addition to simply improving the appearance of one’s vehicle, offers the driver a certain amount of privacy. Window tinting also makes it so both the driver and the passengers have some measure of privacy, with dark windows protecting the occupants of the vehicle from prying eyes.

The car detailing service has received a number of great reviews from pleased customers. One review from S. Halab states, “A friend referred D.I. Auto Care to me to get my New Porsche tinted and detailed. I ended up going with the Ceramic Window Tint because of my skin problems. He was on time and professional, and my Cayenne looks amazing. They came out to my house in the Ahwatukee Desert Foothills, and it was really convenient for me.”

Another pleased customer, L. Teets, left a review stating, “I received a citation regarding my window tint and needed to have it removed off of my front two windows. I sent a text message since it was a Sunday afternoon instead of calling (I didn't want to be invasive). I received a reply back almost immediately and was able to have same-day service within a couple hours from my first text message. Paul was professional and quick, and the price was well within my budget. If you are looking for the same service, I definitely encourage you to give Paul a call.”

For more information on rear hatch replacement, car detailing, window tinting and any of the services offered by D.I. Auto Care, visit the company’s website. Vehicle owners in Phoenix, Arizona have come to rely on the company to keep their cars in great condition, and one can be sure D.I. Auto Care has the tools and expertise needed to keep their vehicles clean as well.



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