D.I. Auto Care Offers Auto Glass Windshield Replacement in Phoenix

D.I. Auto Care is pleased to announced that they are offering auto glass windshield replacement in Phoenix, Arizona and neighboring areas. This Phoenix windshield replacement provider in the Ahwatukee Phoenix Scottsdale Area understands that there are many possible reasons why a car owner would want to have the auto glass replaced or repaired. In some cases, windshield chip repair may be what is required. Defects on the windshield need to be addressed because they can decrease visibility, especially at night or during the day when driving into the sun. D.I. Auto Care is a provider of mobile detailing services, which include the restoration, cleaning, and finishing of a car that will result into the best possible level of cleanliness, including a shining polish.

Paul, the owner of D.I. Auto Care, says, “Replacing your windshield is a simple procedure and it may also be cost effective. There can be many reasons why car owners would want to replace the auto glass windshield on their vehicle. And there can be a variety of reasons why you do not have to get the glass replaced but just have it fixed or repaired. Windshield repair or replacement may be quite expensive for you but this creates a proper trail for the insurance companies. It's recommended that you choose rock chip repair as your first option as it maintains the integrity and dependability of its factory seal.”

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While defects of the auto glass windshield might not appear to be that important to some car owners, it can actually reduce the driver’s vision when driving into the sun and also during night time. Visibility is extremely important for the rear window and the front windshield as it may contribute to an accident while driving in rain or snow. The replacement or repair of windshield auto glass Ahwatukee, Phoenix and Scottsdale area residents can get through D.I. Auto Care is approved by all insurance companies and can eliminate cracks, pitting, scrapes, and many other blemishes. Having the windshield repaired or replaced may prevent the auto glass from fragmenting entirely that may cause injuries to people.

In a windshield rock chip repair, resin is injected that cures and then dries into the chip, thus sealing the outer layer of the auto glass windshield. This will restore the integrity of the auto glass and its strength, while getting rid of its chipped and unattractive appearance. When performed by a professional, windshield rock chip repair can result into a smooth glass surface with the crack no longer visible and able to spread and cause more damage to the glass. It should be noted that while DIY windshield rock chip repair kits are available through stores, people without the appropriate tools and experience may actually end up further causing damage to the chip or make it more visible, thus obstructing the view through the windshield.

It may also happen that the damage to the auto glass windshield is too severe for repair. In that case, auto glass windshield replacement would be required. This involves the total removal of the windshield, including trim pieces, old urethane, molding, and gasket. When a professional performs the windshield replacement, it should be able to restore the car’s safety to the level that it was provided by the manufacturer or even better. In the same way that windshield rock chip repairs ought to be done by a professional, the replacement process must be done by an experienced windshield replacement technician. The technicians at D.I. Auto Care have the equipment and tools required to perform the procedure properly and successfully. For instance, the urethane glue gun is vital to ensuring that the urethane glue sealant is correctly distributed at the correct temperature and precisely where it is needed to get the windshield to comply with OEM standards.


When in need of windshield replacement Phoenix residents may want to check out the D.I. Auto Care website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.


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