D.I. Auto Care Is Providing Auto Glass Repair And Replacement Services In Phoenix

D.I. Auto Care, a car detailing service in Phoenix, AZ, is offering auto glass and windshield replacement services for customers who have problems with damaged windshields and auto glass. The company also offers other services such as auto detailing, mobile auto detailing, window tinting, ceramic coating, smoke removal, ozone treatment, and pet hair removal.

The company recognizes that there are many reasons why someone would need their auto glass repaired or replaced. In some cases, there is no need for replacement. Rather a simple repair can do the job of restoring the glass to its former condition and making it safe. This decision is best left to the professionals who have a better idea of the needs of the glass based on its condition. Small chips and defects may seem to be innocuous to some. Car owners can delay the repairs of such small nicks and chips because they may not be considered urgent or important. The company warns that even the smallest deficiencies can actually reduce the visibility of the driver’s vision when driving into the sun or at night. the rear window and the front windshield are especially vulnerable to such problems as they have a huge impact on visibility which becomes critical when driving in bad weather, rain, or snow.

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The company recommends that rock chip repair should always be the first option because it respects the integrity and dependability of the glass’s factory seal. A resin is injected into the chip in the glass to be repaired. It cures and dries, taking up the space left by the crack or chip, and seals the outer layer of the glass windshield. When the chip is created by stone damage from flying debris on the highway, rock chip repair can restore the integrity, and the strength of the windshield glass and eliminate its chipped appearance. Windshield rock chip repair can leave a smooth surface that is indistinguishable from an original and intact glass windshield, only if done by a thorough professional. The repair limits the expansion of the crack so that it is unable to spread or further cause damage to the glass windshield. The company says that DIY (Do It Yourself) windshield rock chip repair kits purchased from stores, like NAPA, should not be used as they may only be somewhat effective. This is because the car owner usually does not have the complete expertise to use the DIY repair kits and may end up further damaging their chip making it look more distracting, obstructing their view, and leaving marks on their glass. The company aims to be the first point of contact for car owners searching online for “Phoenix Auto Glass Repair”.

While replacing the windshield of a car, the professional will completely remove the front windshield, old urethane, trim pieces, gasket, and molding, before replacing all of these components. The company says that these steps require professional equipment that DIY enthusiasts are not adept at using, and may end up causing more damage than they began with. The company gives the example of the urethane glue gun which is a necessary tool to properly distribute the urethane glue sealant at the right temperature. Car owners who attempt the repairs also need to be up to speed on the types of windshields such as those that have a heads-up display, lane departure, cameras, heated, condensation, and rain sensors.


The spokesperson for the company, Paul, says, “We have been performing all kinds of detailing and servicing on vehicles for over 34 years. We have a 5-star rating on Google and Yelp because of the quality of our work and excellent customer service. With my experience and expertise, there is no challenge too difficult. I have worked with every car model imaginable. It makes me the go-to technician that you should call if you ever need to get your car’s glass or windshield replaced or repaired. Don’t hesitate to call us if you are searching online for windshield replacement”


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