D.I. Auto Care Is Offering Services For Dog Hair Removal From Car Seats And Carpets

D.I. Auto Care, a car detailing service in Phoenix, AZ, is offering its services to pet owners who want to have their cars detailed by performing pet hair removal from car seats and carpets. The company also offers other services such as auto detailing, window tinting, auto glass, ceramic coating, and smoke removal or ozone treatment.

The company says that most dog and pet owners have to deal with the problem of their pet’s hair getting everywhere in the car and having leftover fur on the vehicle seat. It says that it is especially true for certain dog breeds such as huskies that shed a lot of furs and loose hair. The company says that leftover hair is unhygienic to be left lying around because it can lead to breathing issues. The dog hair can also get stuck to clothes as they fly around in the ventilated automobile. A common solution to prevent much shedding on dog hair is combing pet hair regularly to get rid of loose hair. This not only reduces shedding but in addition, it keeps the pet’s fur from being unkempt or becoming matted

Dog Hair Removal

The company then shares some tips for dog hair removal and making sure that the house is clean and fur-free. A solution that the company shares is to keep a roll of packing or duct tape by the door to do a quick check before heading out or coming in. If the homeowners have hardwood floors they can use a dampened mop like a Swiffer to pick up pet hair. The company says that a damp mop acts like a magnet when it comes to picking up pet hair. The company also says to use a wood cleaning product (many will need to be diluted per the label) if they have a hardwood floor and to avoid leaving any standing pools of water on the floor.

In the car, the company says the solution is to buy dog car seat covers to protect the car seat from getting all of the fur hair stuck into it. Car seat covers are available in plain designs to elaborate ones. The company recommends getting whichever matches the customer or their dog’s taste. If the pet owner is not up to routine washing, they can just shake it regularly for removing fur from the vehicle. If dog seat covers are too costly, pet owners can also go with the less expensive version, which is to put towels or rags on the car seats. The company says it can help serve customers who search online for “remove dog hair from car”.

To cover all bases, the company says pet owners will need are a few dryer sheets, a stiff bristle brush, duct tape, and a dog seat cover or any rags or towels. Firstly, the company recommends gently stroking the stiff bristle brush to remove the surplus dog hair. This will remove most of the dog hair but the rest of the hair will probably be too fine for the bristle to pick up. Once the first step is done, pet owners should then wrap their hands with duct tape, with the sticky part facing away from the hands, and dab on the dog hair from the chair using their left-hand. The fine hair would have the ability to adhere to it.

The company has a near-perfect rating of 4.8 out of 5 on its Google My Business page. A testimonial by Gabriele Alviar says, “I just got home from a 4-day road trip with the wife and the car was a disaster. It was covered in bugs and food and coffee stains, I called Car Detailing Phx right down the road from my work to come to detail it. Paul did an amazing job. I didn't think all of the bugs would come off but they did my Mercedes looks great again. Next time we will take the wife's car lol.”


The company is located at 4747 E Elliot Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85044. It can be reached at the phone number (480) 233-1529. The business is open from Monday to Sunday from 5 am to 10 pm.


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