D.I. Auto Care Is Offering Its Services To Car Owners Wondering How To Remove Tobacco Smell From Their Vehicle

D.I. Auto Care, a mobile auto detailing shop in Phoenix, Arizona, is offering its services to car owners wondering how to remove tobacco smell from their vehicles.

Professional car detailers often encounter customers who are trying to get the tobacco smell removed from a preowned car or are smokers themselves and are prepping their car to be sold off to someone else. A car used by a heavy smoker that smokes while driving will retain that stench for a long time, even after the person has stopped using the car or stopped smoking cigarettes. The all-pervasive smell latches itself onto the fabrics of the car such as the seat, dashboard, and carpet making the car uncomfortable to drive in.

how to remove tobacco smell

If anyone is trying to recreate that new car smell, they have two options. The first option is mandatory while the second option is only applicable for cases where the first option does not suffice. The first step in restoring a car’s freshness is to perform a deep and thorough interior detailing. This can be done by the car owner on their own or by delegating it to a professional auto detailing shop such as D.I. Auto Care.

For those going the DIY route, the list of equipment that they will need for cigarette smoke odor removal includes a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, carpet shampooer, enzyme cleaner, vinegar, baking soda, and plenty of rags. First, the owner should ventilate the car properly by rolling down all the windows. The cleaning is best done in an open area where air can pass through easily. The next step is to remove all the trash and food wrappers that are left in the car, under the seats, and in the trunk. Then the interior of the car has to be vacuumed, and the carpets and cloth seats have to be shampooed. After the car is vacuumed and the fabrics are shampooed, the owner should then sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and let the car sit for a few hours or overnight. This ensures that the baking soda gets enough time to do its job. After adequate time has passed, the owner should spray vinegar on the carpets and scrub by hand or shampoo the seats and the carpets again. Finally, after most of the sources of the foul smell have been eradicated, it is time for an enzyme spray that will deodorize the cleaned surfaces. It is recommended to leave the air conditioner running on high after the enzyme spray is applied to let it get pulled up and circulate through the car’s vents.

The DIY process can be handled by car owners themselves or they can trust a professional such as D.I. Auto Care to take care of it. In case the smell still persists, the professional auto shop can then opt for an Ozone(O3) treatment that is designed to oxidize all the leftover odors, bacteria, viruses, and mold. D.I. Auto Care’s Ozone & Enzyme treatment ensures all smells including those from smoking, pets, mycotoxins, and other organic pollutants are wiped out.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its services by saying, “If you have come in possession of a smelly car or are looking to ensure that your vehicle gets the highest return on the pre-owned car market, you need to give it a thorough detailing that will remove all the smells, including cigarette smells, that make for a bad first impression. Some detailing shops will insist on giving the car an ozone treatment without first cleaning the interior. This is counterproductive as you won’t remove the source of the smells and the shop will run you a high bill in vain. If you are struggling with a smelly interior, are wondering how to get rid of fire smell, and need a car detailing shop you can trust in Phoenix, Arizona, give D.I. Auto Care a call. We will restore your car’s freshness by giving it the exact treatment it needs without tacking on needless expenses. You have our word for it.”

D.I. Auto Care can be contacted at the phone number (480) 233-1529.


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