D.I. Auto Care Introduces Windshield Replacement Near Me

D.I. Auto Care, a company based in Phoenix, AZ, has announced that they now offer auto glass and windshield replacement in the Ahwatukee, Phoenix area in addition to their other services. The company would like to highlight the fact that this new service is approved by multiple insurance companies and comes with a lifetime warranty. Learn more here: Windshield Replacement Near Me.

D.I. Auto Care understands that windshield repairs and auto glass replacements are costly for Phoenix residents but would like to point out that such services play a vital role in maintaining the safety of their vehicle. Automotive glass replacement is essential if a car owner wishes to spare the car from further damage such as from pitting, cracks, scrapes and many other kinds of blemishes. Another scenario which calls for windshield replacement is if the windshield has fragmented entirely due to various kinds of damage, placing it at imminent risk of total failure.

Windshield Replacement Phoenix

The company offers advice regarding these new services to their existing clientele and potential customers. For windshields, they recommend rock chip repair, a process which involves the injection of a resin into the cracks and crevices caused by rock chips (often encountered on the road). Once this resin cures and dries, it seals the outer layer of the glass windshield. Windshield auto glass replacement, on the other hand, calls for the total removal of the car’s front windshield, gasket, old urethane, molding, and trim pieces, followed by the installation of a new windshield. When this new windshield is installed correctly by a professional, it is expected to restore the car’s safety to its original manufacturer’s standards, if not even better. This service is also approved by insurance companies. Learn more here: Auto Glass Insurance Approved.

In situations which require windshield rock chip repair or windshield replacement, the process should be carried out by a professional with substantial experience, such as a windshield replacement technician. In addition, suitable professional equipment should be used to ensure efficient and safe windshield installation. An example for such equipment is the urethane glue gun, which is required for the application and distribution of the urethane glue sealant at the proper temperature. This glue must be applied with precision in order to ensure that the newly installed windshield will comply with OEM standards. Phoenix car owners may want to consider the services offered by D.I. Auto Care in order to ensure that the replaced glass falls within insurance-approved guidelines.

D.I. Auto Care offers many more services to the Phoenix community. Aside from auto glass replacement or repair, the company also provides window tinting removal or installation services for the car, office or home. These services also come provided with a lifetime warranty. The window tint removal or installation service provided by the company offers several advantages, some of which include the fact that a tinted glass enhances privacy, decreases the heat inside the vehicle, blocks 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays and prevents the glass from shattering.

The company is also highly specialized in the detailing of cars, motor coaches, trucks, boats, airplanes, recreational vehicles and high-performance cars. They are also capable of providing ceramic paint protection coating, which offers the benefit of extending the life of the paint on cars, trucks and boats. Similarly, they can apply a liquid nano-ceramic coating that offers a deeper shine and more protection against the Arizona sun (that otherwise causes the paint on vehicles to fade and eventually lose its sheen over the years). Learn more here: Mobile Auto Glass.

D.I. Auto Care provides customers with efficient service, as seen in their many positive reviews. Susi Bastien rates the company 5 Stars on the Google platform, stating that, “They arrived on time. Replaced and re-calibrated my windshield to factory specs. Awesome service, will use them again.” She also commends the company for their professionalism and punctuality in her review. Paul Kealoha states in another 5-Star Google review, “Just had my windshield replaced and also removed my old window tint and re-tinted the windows a little darker. Service was excellent. He came to my office. Very easy and painless, I didn't need to take off of work to get it done.”


When in need of windshield replacement or other aforementioned services, Phoenix residents may visit the D.I. Auto Care website or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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