D.I. Auto Care Grows Reputation for Doing Quality Interior Detailing in Phoenix

D.I. Auto Care is fast making a name for themselves as a leading provider of interior detailing Phoenix services. As a testament to this, they have recently received two glowing reviews on the company’s efforts regarding this important car detailing task. The company offers this service not only to those in Phoenix, AZ, but also in other nearby areas such as Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, and Mesa. This is also one of D.I. Auto Care’s convenient mobile detailing services.

In the first of the above-mentioned 5-star reviews, Haylee Jimeno wrote, “Really quick and great service. I would recommend and will go back to him again when needed. My main concern was to get rid of the nasty smell in the interior of my car and Paul was able to do so!” Alicja Wierzchowska stated in the other very favorable review, “Fantastic! My car looks brand new. Very thorough interior detail and was on time and very courteous. Highly recommend.” Both of these reviews were left on D.I. Auto Care’s Google Maps Listing where they average a commendable 4.8 out of a possible 5-star rating.

Interior Car Detailing

The spokesperson for D.I. Auto Care responded by saying, “Since we are a small business, we fully realize how important word of mouth is to our growth. That’s why we so hard when it comes to our interior detailing or any of the other quality car beautification and preservation services that we offer. Thankfully most of our reviews are very positive in nature, but even on those rare circumstances where we do not get a perfect review, we learn from them as we strive to become the best mobile auto detailing service in the Phoenix area.”

According to the company spokesperson, there are many reasons why people should detail the interiors of their vehicles or call a reputable professional like they are to do it for them. He says that of course, the first thing that people think of when it comes to auto detailing is how good the interior of a car looks after it’s been done, but he stated there is much more to it than just that. When people do such things as have their vehicle’s interior carpets and seats shampooed, they will not only look better but they will also smell much better too. The company spokesperson added that this will also help preserve the seats so they last longer and ensure a better resale value for the owner if they ever go to sell their car. He says the same holds for dashboards, glove boxes, and other synthetic or leather items on the inside of an automobile. That’s because they will be cleaned with a special formula that also acts as a protectant from such things as the sun’s harmful rays which can cause interior parts to fade and crack over time. He went on to say that as part of their interior detailing services they leave no part of the interior of a customer’s car untouched. Even the tiniest cracks and crevices in-between features will be thoroughly cleaned. In addition to the carpet and seat shampooing that was previously mentioned, they will also clean the front and rear dashes including instrument panels, and make sure that streak-free cleaning of the windshield and other windows takes place.


The company spokesperson pointed out that their interior detailing services can also be done in conjunction with their other car beautification services. He added that it’s no problem for them to do a thorough exterior car detailing along with their interior detailing service or also add tinting to the windows during the process. One of the newer services that they offer is ADAS auto glass windshield calibration which will bring the vehicle back within OEM specifications after it has had its windshield replaced. The company spokesperson says that for those who would like their leather interior cleaned or want to take advantage of any of the other interior car detailing services that they offer, those individuals are welcome to call, text, or email them.


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