Cyprus Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Now Offering Consultations With Top Plastic Surgeon

The Nicosia, Cyprus based European Institute of Plastic Surgery (EIPS) is pleased to share that it is now offering consultations to international patients. The clinic, led by Dr. Demetris Stavrou, offers a range of procedures that are designed to help patients achieve their ideal figure and appearance.

Dr. Stavrou is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Cyprus, and he has long made it his mission to offer patients the care, compassion and respect they deserve in the pursuit of a more confident appearance. Thanks to his work, the clinic has helped many patients work on their body, breasts, face and even skin. Given that a wide variety of procedures are available at EIPS, patients are invited to share their concerns with Dr. Stavrou during consultations. With this information, he will help them determine a realistic path toward their goals.

Plastic Surgeon In Cyprus

Those seeking cosmetic surgery are advised to do their research well before making any commitments. For instance, they should look for high-end private practices that are accustomed (and equipped) to deliver on their promises. EIPS is an excellent example of such a practice, and it has spent many years accruing success after success in the community it serves.

Patients will be pleased to learn that EIPS’s body surgery services include body contouring, calf implants, liposuction, thigh lifts, labiaplasty and so on. Similarly, a patient who wishes to work on their breasts may undergo breast augmentation, breast lift or even a nipple reconstruction. The clinic adds that it has specialized services for men as well.

EIPS receives many inquiries from patients who wish to improve their facial features and overall skin tone. To accommodate these patients, the clinic offers rhinoplasty, facelifts, chin augmentation and more. For skin, a patient may receive fillers, treat their wrinkles, enhance their lips and so on. The clinic is also capable of performing skin cancer removal.

The European Institute of Plastic Surgery - Nicosia Branch enjoys a great deal of support from its community, thanks largely in part to a reputation for excellent patient care and phenomenal results. The clinic understands that patients are looking for a comprehensive experience no matter how minor or complex their procedures may be, and this extends to every interaction they may have with the staff. As such, every moment at the clinic is curated to offer nothing less than the best, from the moment they first get in touch to the followup sessions they have with their surgeon.

Patients come from far and wide to consult with Dr. Stavrou, and their reasons for doing so are numerous. One patient shares in their review of the clinic, “My experience at EIPS was excellent. As an out of town patient, I felt very safe, reassured and well taken care of. When choosing a plastic surgeon, I decided to make the journey from Ireland to Cyprus because no other doctor made me feel most at ease like Dr. Stavrou did. He is also extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and a pioneer in his field of expertise!”

The review continues, “Dr. Stavrou and his team are extremely professional and kind. I received all important information, care and support I needed before, during and after this whole process, and no question ever went unanswered, nothing was too difficult. I woke up from surgery in no pain at all and surprisingly no bruises! I am very pleased and happy with the results of my breast augmentation. My scars have healed beautifully, and I now enjoy an added confidence that I’ve been waiting for a long time. Thank you, Dr. Stavrou and team! I am very grateful for your wonderful service, five stars is not enough!”

Dr. Stavrou has been leading EIPS since 2012, and his expertise extends to both surgical and non-invasive treatments. His objective, the clinic states, is always to meet and then exceed a patient’s expectations, delivering a result that helps them feel radiant and confident in their skin.

EIPS warmly invites interested parties to direct their inquiries about cosmetic surgery in Cyprus to the clinic’s main office. Appointments with Dr. Stavrou can be scheduled this way as well. Alternatively, social media users are welcome to connect with the European Institute of Plastic Surgery on their preferred platforms to stay up to date with the clinic’s latest news and offers.


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