Cynthia Reinback Named New Vice President of Compliance and Accreditation at Resurgence Behavioral Health

Costa Mesa, CA - Resurgence Behavioral Health recently announced that Cynthia Reinback, M.S., will take over the position of Vice President of Compliance and Accreditation. Cynthia has dedicated her 30 year career to working in the field of addiction and substance use disorders as well as mental health care and administration. She says she’s thrilled to step into this new role at Resurgence so she can devote her experience and expertise to helping the network maintain its outstanding reputation in the field of addiction care.

Cynthia will lead Resurgence in all areas related to internal privacy and compliance. She will be responsible for planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining company-wide corporate compliance policies and initiatives. A company spokesperson said that Cynthia will voice the company’s ethical organizational behavior in its clinical setting. She will promote awareness and understanding of the ethical principles associated with government compliance in addiction and mental health care.

In addition to her focus on matters of compliance and regulation, Ms. Reinback brings a wide range of expertise to Resurgence. Her experience includes clinical care and supervision, fiscal planning, research administration, clinical administration, and program development. In her new leadership position, she will provide Resurgence employees with strong management, helping them to further their own professional development in this dynamic field.

As Resurgence Behavioral Health continues to expand and serve greater numbers of clients, Cynthia and her team will provide rigorous attention to all matters of organizational ethics and government compliance as they relate to mental health care and addiction treatment. Resurgence Behavioral Health is excited to welcome Cynthia in this new role.

Resurgence Behavioral Health operates a network of high-quality mental health and addiction treatment centers specializing in both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. The organization is committed to treating client’s mind, body, and spirit, helping them manage their condition for long-lasting health and well-being. Resurgence believes strongly in providing customized treatment for each client and is proud of its positive team of empathetic clinicians, therapists, and support staff.

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