Cyberbullying Can Worsen Mental Health for Teens

Boise, ID - Imagine by Northpoint Boise, a mental health treatment facility located in Idaho that specializes in treatment for teens, recently released information showcasing how cyberbullying can drastically affect teens who are already struggling with mental health disorders.

A study conducted by Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking and published in 2019 found that nearly 35% of all teens in the United States were in some way victims of online harassment and/or bullying.

Adolescent treatment at Imagine By Northpoint Boise

“Because teens are already experiencing huge shifts in their physical, emotional, and social lives, this makes them that much more susceptible to mental health disorders,” Imagine Boise representatives said in a statement.

Since it can already be difficult to diagnose teenagers with mental health disorders due to their naturally shifting hormones, when cyberbullying is introduced into the equation it becomes that much more difficult. Dealing with the outside world adds another layer of difficulty in helping them.

Cyberbullying can take many forms, with each having profound effects on teens and their self-perception. Whether it is an overt threat of violence or to share private photos or information, even if they are lies, these are all situations Imagine by Northpoint Boise indicates, that can greatly degrade teenagers’ mental health and contribute to existing—or even instigate new—mental health disorders.

Along with the other services they offer, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), the PHP treatment also includes crisis intervention, counseling for teen relationships, meditation, and family therapy.

Imagine by Northpoint Boise is one of the adolescent mental health treatment centers operated by Northpoint Recovery, with locations in Bellevue, Washington, Boise, Idaho, and Nampa, Idaho. All Imagine by Northpoint locations are dedicated to helping teens overcome their mental health struggles through what is called a partial-hospitalization program (PHP).

PHP is a course of treatment scheduled over five days, in six-hour increments, for a maximum of 30 hours. Imagine by Northpoint Boise conducts assessments with each teen and will tailor treatment based on their needs. This includes a thorough psychosocial mental health evaluation, always with a guardian or member of their family present.

Imagine by Northpoint Boise is dedicated to providing consistent and quality treatment to any teen struggling with mental health disorders. They utilize evidence-based treatments and are guided by science and research. Their staff is ready and waiting to answer any questions and to help potential patients with intake and assessments alongside a family member or guardian.


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