Customer Praises Roof.Net Owner; "Most Ethical Contractor I've Ever Worked With"

Ken Briesemeister, the owner of Fairfax, VA-based Roof.Net, and his talented crews have worked hard over the years establishing a reputation that is unmatched by most contractors in the roofing profession. Despite that, he was still somewhat overwhelmed by the comments that were left in a recent customer review. This extremely satisfied customer emphatically stated in their review that Briesemeister was the most ethical contractor in any specialty that they have ever worked with. That is lofty praise that is rarely heaped upon any type of business owner these days. This 5 out of 5-star review that was left on the company’s business listing can be seen here at

In the above-mentioned review, the happy customer states, “Two years ago, a severe windstorm turned my roofing shingles into something right out of one of those natural disaster movies. I hired Ken from to assess the damage, estimate, and complete the repair, and he was instrumental in helping me get the best results from my homeowner's insurance provider.

"... Fast forward two years and I found myself once again needing a roofing contractor for a minor warranty issue, some separate structural repairs to my roofing frame, and needing some weatherproofing upgrades. I was relieved to contact Ken from regarding my home issues. From the start, I knew I made the right decision as Ken was prompt to respond and bent over backward to meet my hectic schedule in setting up an inspection. He was more than accommodating in providing the warranty service, however explained that his company did not perform repair services but was happy to recommend his trusted partner to suit my needs. As an unexpected perk, Ken kept himself in the loop regarding my project and keeping it on track which shows that he truly cares about his customers and their investments.

"The team Ken dispatched to my home to complete the repairs arrived on-time, properly prepared, and ready to tackle this project. Sometimes you can just tell quality workers from lesser workers right up front by their professionalism and confidence in their skill, and it showed with all of the persons tasked with completing my repairs. Ken also regularly kept in contact and ensured that the work was completed on schedule as I was on a tight timeframe because my home had a sales contract pending. His team went above and beyond and even tackled non-warranty issues. The work was also followed up with a comprehensive statement of the issues that were addressed and included a description of all work completed along with high quality before and after photos.

"Over my years of homeownership, I have had more negative contractor encounters than positive ones. When I first hired Ken from it was after a particularly negative experience with another contractor and I had almost lost hope in ever getting quality service. I am pleased to announce that is like a fine wine, his company has only gotten better with the passage of time. Ken, thanks again for your efforts and your pride in your craft. You are the most ethical contractor I have had the pleasure of working with.”

In response to this outstanding review, Briesemeister replied, “I am extremely humbled and touched by the high praise that I received in this review. Reviews like this one will continue to be the driving force behind my employees and my desire to be the best of the best when it comes to our craft.”

The company is also very highly rated on their Google Maps Business listing which can be found here at On that listing, they incredibly carry a perfect 5 out of 5-star rating after some 425 reviews have been averaged together. In these reviews too, superlatives such as ‘true professional’, ‘fair pricing’, ‘quality workmanship’, ‘honesty & integrity’, ‘no BS’, ‘a pleasant experience’, and more often pop up.

Briesemeister went on to say that at present, his 22-time national award-winning company is mainly specializing in whole roof replacements. He also mentioned that each customer that they do roof replacement work for will receive one of the best warranties that can be found in the industry. The company owner says that along with roof replacement and roof covering work, they also have established a solid reputation for doing other roof repairs, leak detection & resolution, and skylight installation & replacement services. He added that those in and around the Fairfax, Virginia area who want more information on his company’s excellently reviewed roofing services can contact him by phone or reach out to him via the company's twitter page which can be found at


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