Custom Cabinet Company In Portland, OR Launches New Website

Portland Cabinetry Pros, based in Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. The company specializes in crafting cabinets and other wood features, and they have also established business partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Their team of highly trained workers is also able to handle any task that needs to be done.

The company asserts that the cabinets in one’s kitchen, bathroom or office space provide two basic benefits, namely aesthetic appeal and storage space. The cabinets that one will have on one’s property can be the design dream one had in mind. This is because a person can now get the ultimate cabinets they desire when the custom work is handled by a team of professionals — such as those at Portland Custom Cabinetry. The company’s new website proudly showcases the extensive range of design options they offer and provides comprehensive details about each cabinet type they cater to.

The company’s years of experience is showcased in the work featured on the website as well. The company also reassures customers that their custom designs are not difficult to access. As stated on the website, Portland Custom Cabinetry says, “we work with you on timelines and price points that are best suited for your needs.” The website also offers potential customers the opportunity to submit details of a design they have in mind and receive a free quotation before meeting the design team. Visit the newly launched website at

The services offered by Portland Cabinetry are designed to meet all of a client’s needs. The website states that, “Custom cabinetry work is exciting work, and it is also important work. The practicality of the work that we do for you is going to be impeccable. Not to mention, the design and craftsmanship will be wonderful to lay your eyes upon.” Custom cabinets are also a unique interior design feature that can elevate the value of the property. The company takes pride in the fact that they work towards making a customer’s vision a reality while also giving special care to choosing the perfect materials for the project. The team also considers the timeline and a customer’s budget in order to help them create their perfect custom cabinet. The new website also offers advice regarding choosing the right size and dimensions for one’s property.

One of the cabinet types offered by the company is the kitchen cabinet. The design team collaborates with the client to ensure that their kitchen is exactly what they had hoped for, taking great care to ensure that their product is affordable as well. The team can start designing the cabinets from scratch or do a simple makeover renovation (depending on the client’s needs).

As Sheryl E. states in her testimonial on the company website, “Custom cabinets in the area are difficult to come across. I heard about a wholesale cabinet supply company in Portland, Oregon, but I needed Oregon custom cabinets in Canby. Luckily, I found the experts at Portland Custom Cabinetry for their dependable cabinetmakers. They did a great job, and I highly suggest them if you are wanting to have the best workers in Portland for cabinets.”

The company also specializes in bathroom cabinets, which they believe must be equally sturdy and functional as they are elegant. The team is able to create custom bath cabinets with a modern aesthetic which can transform an otherwise dull room into a warm and inviting space. Office and library cabinets are yet another option offered by Portland Cabinetry Pros. The company offers a wide range of designs as well as taking on many customized projects to ensure that their clients’ needs are fulfilled. Whether a large project or a residential one, the team utilizes their considerable experience to create an end product which is unique and practical as well.

Scotty G. states in his testimonial on the company website that, “There are a number of Portland cabinet shops, but the best custom cabinet makers near me are over at Portland Custom Cabinetry. There is no other cabinetmaker in NE Portland, Oregon that can provide thorough, informative and impressive services quite like they can. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a cabinetry contractor in Portland.”

To learn more about Portland Cabinetry Pros and the services offered, one may visit the company’s official website. The company can also be contacted via phone or email.


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