Crossroads Pest Control Hires New Rodent Control Specialist Team

Crossroads Pest Control, a company that provides pest control services in the Sacramento, CA area, has announced the hiring of a new team of rodent specialists. The announcement comes shortly before the winter months which historically show higher rates of mice activity due to cold. The new team will be responsible for providing professional services to address residential and commercial customers' problems with rodents. This includes controlling rat populations by using traps as well as environmentally friendly products such as baits and glue boards. The new rodent control specialist team is a diverse group with expertise in tracking, trapping, and rat psychology. In addition to these services, the specialist will also provide assistance with exclusion work, which is done by addressing possible points of entry into buildings that may be allowing rodents inside.

Due to increased demand and input from customers who face rodent problems at home or work, Crossroads Pest Control is taking new measures by hiring specialists for rodents. The new team will focus on preventing rat and mouse issues by providing education tips as well as exterminating any pests that are found during inspections. "There have always been myths about what attracts rodents," said one specialist interviewed after their first day on the job last week. "It's not just dirty homes they're attracted to."

The rodents managed by this team include rats and mice which can cause a variety of issues for residential and commercial customers including structural damage as well as contamination with diseases such as hantavirus or salmonella. In addition to providing pest control services for clients in Sacramento CA, Crossroads Pest Control also provides prevention tips on their website so people know how they can avoid rodent problems in the first place. This includes using traps inside buildings near food sources or at building entrances where rodents may enter and sealing cracks around doors and windows. Crossroads pest control is confident that its team of exterminators will continue to grow.

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