Criminal Attorney, Jason Bassett, Offers Defense For Clients Accused Of Sex Crimes

Suffolk County, NY - Today, Jason Bassett, a top-rated Suffolk County, NY criminal defense attorney announced that he is now representing individuals accused of sex crimes.

Sex crimes are one of the most serious types of criminal offenses and are prosecuted aggressively in the State of New York. It is crucial to seek the legal advice and counsel of an experienced sex crimes defense attorney, as even weak, false or exaggerated accusations and testimonies can lead to convictions without proper representation. A sex crimes defense attorney will thoroughly investigate the claims and craft an effective defense strategy to ensure a fair representation of facts and the best possible outcome for the client.

Sex Crimes lawyer Long Island

Jason Bassett, Esq. is a top-rated criminal defense lawyer in Suffolk County, Long Island with nearly 20 years of experience defending individuals who have been accused, arrested, and charged with a crime.

“If an individual is accused of a sex crime, they face an upward battle. Police and prosecutors all too often take the version of events of the alleged victim at face value. It is commonplace for criminal charges to be laid on even the weakest of evidence. It is very important to get in touch with a sex crimes defense attorney as early as possible so that they can defend your rights and guide you through the process,” said the Suffolk County sex crimes lawyer.

New York prosecutors will aggressively seek convictions against those who have been charged with sex crimes. If convicted of a sex crime in New York, the consequences will seriously impact the rest of an individual’s life. These consequences can include long jail sentences, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and a criminal record.

With sex crimes cases, the circumstances rarely favor the accused and the evidence can seem overwhelming. Without a compelling defense strategy, the likelihood of conviction only increases.

“One of the biggest challenges in most sex crime case is the level of emotion involved. It’s normal for people to empathize with the alleged victim and tend to believe their story. It is not uncommon for juries to make decisions based on such emotions and for prosecutors to be overly aggressive in seeking convictions. An experienced sex crimes defense attorney in NY can overcome these issues by closely examining the relevant facts and crucial details and then demonstrating the client’s innocence,” continued Jason Bassett.

When a person is accused or charged with a sex crime in New York, both their reputation and their very future depend on a positive outcome of the case. Individuals convicted of a sex crime often lose their jobs and struggle to find new employment and registered sex offenders find it nearly impossible to find a place to live. They can become outcasts in their communities. The consequences of a sex crime conviction are extremely stressful and also take an emotional toll on the family and loved ones.

Because of the severity with which New York treats this type of offense and the consequences a conviction can have, seeking representation from a skilled sex crimes defense attorney may be the best option to achieve the best possible outcome.

Anyone who is accused of a sex crime is in need of an experienced and aggressive sex crimes lawyer and can contact the law firm of Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett for a free consultation.


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