Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett is Defending Clients in Complex Federal Investigations on Long Island

Long Island, NY -- As an experienced Nassau County criminal lawyer, Jason Bassett, Esq. know how intimidating it can be to face a criminal investigation on Long Island. Going up against the federal government is no small matter. Each day, Mr. Bassett sees clients who are facing federal investigations and need a strong, knowledgeable, calm legal presence to help them understand their charges and navigate their way through the system.

As a sole practitioner and former prosecutor, the Long Island federal criminal defense lawyer has 20 years of experience on both sides of criminal investigations. With this extensive experience, comes an understanding of the vulnerability of an individual who may be facing federal criminal charges. Whether his client is in the initial phases of an investigation or there is already a full prosecution underway in court, he understands what is needed at each step of the way.

Long Island federal criminal defense lawyer Jason Bassett

“A defendant may be facing years if not decades in prison. Federal criminal charges are some of the most complex in the justice system. Unless the individual knows the laws and knows his or her rights, he or she can make choices and statements that can weigh heavily against them in court. The sooner someone who has been accused of a federal crime gets legal counsel, the sooner we can get in front of the charges and meet them proactively instead of reactively.”

When federal criminal charges have been brought, the accused has most probably been under surveillance and investigation for a period of time. This means that the federal government has had substantial time to build a strong case against the defendant and that they have already amassed significant evidence.

“I already know that the stakes are high for any client who has been federally charged. Sometimes, these are just kids who have gotten caught up in federal drug conspiracy charges and are looking at their entire futures being altered because of it. When it comes to any federal charge, it needs to be dealt with swiftly and aggressively. Most of my clients have no idea what their rights and responsibilities are under the law. We keep positive about outcomes but also realistic. Each alternative needs to be considered with a hopeful resolution of a dismissal or a not guilty verdict. Often, we need to go for a plea deal. Whatever the case, I partner with my client to achieve the best possible outcome given the evidence against them.”

From the initial investigation to an appeal, federal criminal charges require the skill of a seasoned professional. For over two decades, Jason Bassett, Esq. has been intimately involved in the legal justice system and understands it from both the prosecutorial and criminal defense perspectives. Today, he has focused his talents on representing individuals charged with federal crimes including fraud and white collar crimes. As a skilled Long Island federal criminal defense attorney, Mr. Bassett has earned the respect of federal judges, prosecutors, and other defense lawyers alike.


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