Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett Discusses Whether You Need a Lawyer For a First Time DWI Offense

Suffolk County, NY - If a person is charged with a first-time DWI offense in New York, they may be wondering if they should seek the advice of an attorney. In New York State, the answer is usually yes. However, hiring just any lawyer may not be sufficient. Instead, a defendant should seek the advice of a skilled Suffolk County DWI lawyer.

“We get this question a lot”, Mr. Bassett explains. “‘Do you need a lawyer to represent you for a first-time offense? Yes, just like any criminal charge, you need an attorney to represent you. But a DWI, even a first offense, requires particular expertise and experience to defend properly. A defendant needs a lawyer to go over the charges and all the options, particularly regarding whether to accept a plea deal or to go to trial. Nobody should try to deal with the criminal justice system on their own. Not hiring qualified legal defense leaves you exposed to sentencing and penalties that a lawyer could have helped you to avoid or at least have reduced.”

DWI Lawyer Suffolk County

When a person is charged with a DWI, it can seem like the proof of guilt is overwhelming and impossible to defend. This can seem especially so if the defendant is being accused of driving recklessly and they have consented to a breath or blood test which comes back showing high blood alcohol. However, hiring a good DWI lawyer in Suffolk County can give an individual the best possible chance of a positive case outcome.

“We always look at all the circumstances surrounding a DWI” Mr. Bassett went on. “What was the probable cause for the arrest? Was the sobriety test done properly? Was the reading under .08%? Even if the reading is over .08%, were there factors that could have affected the results? These devices used to measure blood alcohol content are inherently unreliable and often not properly maintained. If the prosecutor is alleging you made incriminating statements, where you read your Miranda Rights? An experienced DWI Defense Lawyer will look at all the different circumstances surrounding the stop and other factors to determine the best course of action and discuss your options.”

In most cases, a defendant will usually be offered some kind of plea bargain for a first-time DWI charge. However, hiring a qualified Suffolk County DWI Lawyer is necessary in order to evaluate the benefits of the plea offer against the risk of conviction at trial.

“While it’s important to always keep in mind that there is a vast difference between being charged and being convicted, trying to deal with a drunk driving arrest on your own makes conviction much more likely. When you’ve been charged with a DWI, it’s important to get the advice of a top DWI lawyer to fully understand your options before you make any decisions that can impact you for years to come. Even though a first-offense DWI in New York is a misdemeanor, you can still face up to a year in jail, not to mention probation, fines, and the loss of your driver’s license. There is simply too much at stake to not hire an experienced Suffolk County DWI Lawyer to protect your legal rights,” Mr. Bassett concluded.

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Bassett understands the mindset of the other side of the legal equation, knowing what they are often willing to offer to first-time DWI offenders in the way of plea deals and penalties. With over 20 years of criminal defense law under his belt and a vast wealth of knowledge and respect from local prosecutors, he offers free consultations to those who find themselves charged with a first-time DWI offense.


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