Crestview Debt Relief Lawyers Highlight Backlash from Congress of Legal Releases

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Crestview, FLA. - Among congressional Democrats, bankruptcy courts face backlash over the growing trend of protecting accused wrongdoers without seeking chapter 11 protection themselves. According to the local Crestview debt relief lawyers, while bankruptcy grants protection to corporations and nonprofits from their creditors, bankruptcy judges often allow the equivalent security to their affiliates, owners, and additional individuals who have interests at stake. The practice of protecting third parties from responsibility through settlement payments has become increasingly accepted in extensive Chapter 11 cases, according to bankruptcy experts.

In order to prevent bankruptcy courts from settling third-party legal claims, Congressional leaders are now considering prohibiting the signing away of legal claims without the agreement of all creditors. Despite bankruptcy courts issuing nonconsensual releases to third parties for ages, Congress is examining the system afresh because of OxyContin producer Purdue Pharma LP's bankruptcy filing in 2019 in order to settle thousands of lawsuits arising from opioid addiction. Additionally, many lawsuits have been filed against members of the Sackler family who own and control the company.

Democrats hope to block a key element of Purdue's repayment plan, as well as limit bankruptcy courts' power to freeze litigation against third parties while repayment plans are formed.

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