Credit Supreme is Offering Credit Repair Services in Miami

Credit Supreme, a company that removes errors on credit reports and boosts credit scores, is offering its services in Miami. The company’s credit improvement services are helping thousands of clients get a hold of their lives by fixing erroneous credit reports that were an impediment to their financial wellbeing.

A lot of important life events and decisions are influenced by one’s credit score. It can be the difference between being accepted and rejected for housing, obtaining car loans, mortgages, and can even affect one’s employment as many employers are using credit scores to judge candidates on responsible behavior. An error on the credit report can be a major setback with deep ramifications on one’s life.

Credit Supreme - Credit Repair Miami - Fix Credit Fast Miami FL

A credit repair service will help those who have spotted discrepancies in their credit report. Credit Supreme makes it very clear that there is nothing they do that the customer can’t do themselves if they invest the time and effort. Credit repair services are ideal for those who are not aware of the ins and outs of the process. It can also be a godsend for those that are too busy and don’t want to spend a lot of time following up with the credit bureau and creditors to fix the wrong information. Those looking for the best, most top rated credit repair Miami has to offer can contact Credit Supreme to fight on their behalf.

The three major credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax are legally required to provide the consumer with one free report every year. Once the credit report has been received the customer has to check for reports of late payments and the accuracy of the accounts on the report. Late payments can be verified by comparing the dates on the reports with the customer’s own records. In case there are unknown accounts on the credit report, the matter is more serious as it is a case of identity theft.

In both cases, after the mistakes have been spotted the consumer has to follow the process chalked up by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). The first step is to contact the credit bureau and give them proof in the form of photographs and documents that helps the customer’s case. Secondly, the customer should contact the creditors who filed the reports. The creditors are required to investigate the report submitted by the consumer within 30 days and then provide the creditor with a copy of the letter and supporting documents. The creditor then has to investigate the claim and report back to the consumer within 30 days of receipt of the report from the bureau. Once the investigation is completed, the bureau must report the findings to the consumer. The creditor is also then required to fix the information and provide it to the bureau.

The entire process can be daunting to someone who has not dealt with their creditors and the credit bureaus. Some might just not be ready to get involved in the process as it can be time-consuming and anxiety-inducing. A credit repair service, such as the one offered by Credit Supreme, will help the customer hand over the responsibility of following up with the creditors and the credit bureau to a company that is adept at navigating the red tape to get a favorable result.

Credit Supreme warns that some companies that offer credit reports are in it to make a quick buck and they will promise too much and deliver too little. A lot of the mistakes in a credit report are out of the control of the consumer and will end up being on the report for 7 years before it disappears. If a company assures that they will remove all false information, suggests that they can challenge the information that is accurate, and asks for upfront payments is most likely a scam and the consumer is advised to steer clear of such lofty promises.

Customers looking for credit repair In Miami Florida can contact Credit Supreme at the phone number (877) 334-4567


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Credit Supreme - Credit Repair Miami - Fix Credit Fast Miami FL
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